2011 PCA Main Event: Day 6, level 32 & 33 updates (blinds 150,000-300,000)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg3:05am: Galen Hall wins 2011 PCA main event
After looking like a sure runner-up finisher, Galen Hall has managed to come back and defeat Chris OIiver for the PCA main event championship. On the final hand, Hall raised to 600,000, Chris Oliver re-raised, Hall moved in, and Oliver called. The hands:

Oliver: Q♥Q♣
Hall: A♣8♣

Oliver looked good to double up, but the board ran out A♠K♦8♠2♥K♠ and Galen Hall became the 2011 PCA main event champion.

2.45am: Double century
We've now had 200 hands at the final table. At 2.45am it feels like it as well. -- SY

2.35am: Hall takes commanding lead
Straight after the hand below, which got Galen Hall back in the game, he doubled up to nearly 40million, leaving Chris Oliver, who had been dominant in chips all day, as the short stack.

Oliver had raised with A♥9♠ but Hall woke up with K♦K♣ and re-raised to 1,950,000. Oliver was not budging, making it 4.3million. Now Hall made it 7.7million and Oliver moved all-in - call!

The board ran 8♥3♦7♦4♠Q♥ and now Oliver is in deep trouble. -- SY

2:30am--Galen Hall gets closer to even with Oliver
Our heads-up players just saw a flop of 2♣4♥A♠, and it was clear the hand was going to be a barn-burner. Oliver held 4♠2♠ to Hall's A♦2♥. Hall bet out and Oliver raised to 1,575,000. Galen made it another 1.1 million to go. Oliver asked, "What's the least I can make it?" then bumped it up to 3,775,000. Hall shoved and Oliver made the insta-call. The 8♠ came on the turn, putting the flush draw out there for Oliver, but it didn't come. The 6♦ hit the river and Hall doubled up. The stacks are now very close to even.--BW

2.10am: Hall again
Galen Hall is doing all he can to claw his way back into this. Chris Oliver raised to 650,000 and Hall only called with his A♣8♦. If he was hoping to hit a disguised ace it worked when the flop came 3♦A♦J♠. Oliver bet 875,000 and Hall re-raised to 3,950,000 and that took it down. Hall showed his monster 7-4. -- SY

2.05am: Hall's pot
Galen Hall raised to 650,000 with Q♥7♥ and Chris Oliver called with J♦5♦. It was a great flop for Hall, coming A♠7♦Q♣ and he slow-played his two pair, checking along with Oliver. On the 9♣ turn Oliver bet 675,000 with air and Hall smooth called. Finally on the 3♣ river Hall bet 1,375,000 and Oliver let it go. -- SY

1.55am: Oliver aggression
Chris Oliver raised to 750,000 with A♥9♣ only for Galen Hall to re-raise to 1,950,000 with only 8♥7♦. Oliver was in no mood to give way and raised once more to 4,675,000. This time Hall let it go. -- SY

1.40am: Level up
We're heading into level 33 where blinds will be 150,000-300,000. First, though, a quick break for the color up. Say goodbye to the blue 5,000 chips. We're back 31million for Chris Oliver and 15million for Galen Hall. -- SY

1.35am: Big, bad call from Oliver doubles up Hall
Galen Hall had pocket queens and was up against Chris Oliver's 8♦6♥. They saw a J♦9♠[10h] flop and Hall bet 650,000 getting a call from Oliver. The turn was 6♣ and now Oliver check-called Hall's 1.3million. On the 9♦ river, Oliver checked and Hall moved all-in for his last five million - and Oliver made the call with his paired six. Hall's queens were good. -- SY

1.25am: Aha! The old 9-4 offsuit trick
We knew Chris Oliver has heart, and this hand showed just how much. Galen Hall had raised to 520,000 with A♥6♦ and Oliver raised it up to 1.2million with 9♠4♦. Hall then re-raised again, to 2.3million. Oliver asked for a count then announced he was all-in - forcing Hall to fold. He showed his bluff just to rub it in.

That send Oliver into a much bigger chip lead with 37million to 9.5million -- SY

1.10am: 150th hand
This was the 150th hand of the final table, and so we'll record it for posterity. Chris Oliver raised to 525,000 with [10s]3♠ and Galen Hall called with A♦7♣. Both checked the J♣4♣7♥ turn, then on the J♥ river Hall check-called Oliver's 650,000. Finally on the 6♥ river Hall led out with a bet of 1,180,000 and Oliver folded. -- SY


Chris Oliver

1.05am: Not much changeIt's all a bit of a stalemate at the moment. Chris Oliver has 33million to Galen Hall's 13million. -- SY

12.40am: Hall loses big one after cagey start
Heads-up play started in reserved fashion, with plenty of raise and takes pre-flop. Galen Hall had been holding his own, working his way up to 15million at one point, but he just lost a big pot to Chris Oliver.

Oliver had made it 520,000 with A♣Q♦ and Hall called. Both checked the 2♠4♦4♣ flop. On the Q♠ turn Hall checked, Oliver bet 675,000 with his top pair, and suddenly Hall re-raised to 1.7million. Call. The river was K♦ and once again Hall checked, Oliver fired again with a 905,000 bet only for Hall to re-raise once more to 2.3million. Oliver called to send Hall back down to a little over 10million to his 35million. -- SY

12.20am: Back we go
Cards are in the air again.

12.08am: Level up
That's the end of the level. We're on a short break. When they come back, the players will be facing blinds of 150,000-300,000.

Right now, Chris Oliver has 30,000,000 chips to Galen Hall's 15,000,000. -- SY


Chris Oliver on camera

11.50pm: Some back for Hall
Galen Hall raised to 450,000 with A♦J♦ and Chris Oliver called with 7♣4♣. The flop was K♣4♠4♦ and Oliver called Hall's 425,000. Both checked the 2♠ turn but on the A♣ river Hall bet a meaty 1.55million with his top pair, and Oliver called.

Next hand Hall won some more, rivering a flush to best Oliver's two pair. He's up to around 13million to Oliver's 33million. -- SY


Galen Hall

11.40pm: Superb laydown by Hall
Galen Hall just made an excellent laydown to save his tournament life. He had 8♣4♥ and was up against Chris Oliver's A♦2♠. The flop was 5♦3♦2♣ giving Oliver bottom pair but also giving Hall an open-ended straight draw. Oliver check-called Hall's 575,000 bet. Both then checked the 2♥ turn, which gave Oliver trip twos, then the bingo card on the river - A♠ to make Oliver a full house and Hall the straight.

Hall acted first, betting two million, then Oliver moved all-in. Could Hall get away from the straight. He was easily covered by Oliver, and calling was by no means automatic. In the end he made a great decision to fold. -- SY

11.25pm: Anton Ionel eliminated in 3rd place for $1,350,000
And just like that, we lose another. Anton Ionel was the short-stack with around 2.5million and had been shoving of late. This time, his timing was bad. Galen Hall had raised with K♣Q♠ and Ionel moved over the top with K♠6♠. Hall called. The flop was 9♠Q♦7♦, which virtually confirmed his demise. The 5♦ turn offered slim hopes of a straight, but the 3♠ sealed his exit.

With that, Ionel picked up $1,350,000,. a fantastic return on the $33 investment he spent on a PokerStars satellite to pick up his seat!

We're heads-up. -- SY


Anton Ionel departs

11:16pm: Sam Stein eliminated in fourth place for $1 million
Chris Oliver raised to 455,000, Stein three-bet, and Oliver four-bet shoved. Thanks to the magic of television, we knew Oliver actually had a hand this time: A♦Q♦. Stein was pretty far behind with A♥9♥. Stein thought he had the best hand and tanked for a long while. Finally Stein announced, "Call." The board ran out T♠5♠K♥K♦3♠ and Sam Stein was gone in fourth place for $1 million. --BW


11.08pm: More shoving
First Sam Stein open-shoved from the small blind with Q♦[10h] and picked up the blinds and antes - then Anton Ionel shoved again with A♠3♣ and picked up the table change. The Romanian is back to over 2.5million but that's still short. -- SY

11:04pm: All-in Ionel
The world's best example of patience, Anton Ionel has just managed to double up. After waiting most of the night to play a hand, Ionel just picked up J♣J♠ and got them all in for a few big blinds. Galen Hall called him with K♦8♣. The board ran out 7♣4♦T♣7♠2♥. He still didn't have ten big blinds in front of him and shoved on the next two hands without getting called. He is now up to about 2.5 million.

10.57pm: Video interlude

10:55pm: Blinds up
The final four players are now playing at 100,000-200,000-20,000.

Here's a look at the man with more than half the chips in play.


PokerStars Blog final table reporting team in the Bahamas (in random order): Simon Young and Brad Willis