2011 PCA Super High Roller: Day 1, level 7, 8 and 9 updates (blinds 3,000-6,000, 500 ante)


12.05am: Done for the day
That's the end of play and it's looking like Daniel Negreanu is the chip leader here in the Super High Roller. Oh no, he's not due to a dramatic badbeat during the last hand of the day. But you'll have to read the wrap if you want to find out. That will be coming in shortly. Full chip counts are also on the way. -- RD

11.50pm: "God, I'm so bad."
Bryan Colin was left scratching his head and wondering where it all had gone wrong. James Obst had opened the pot for 15,000 and been called by Colin before the action reached Tobias Reinkemeier in the big blind who three-bet to 35,000. Obst moved out of the way but Colin wasn't ready to give up the fight quite yet. He made it 75,000 to go. Reinkemeier moved all-in for 204,000 total. This is not what was meant to happen, Colin must have thought: "God, I'm so bad at poker." He eventually made the call of the additional 120,000 or so.

Reinkemeier: Q♠Q♣
Colin: A♣T♥

No ace hit the board and Reinkemeier doubled up to 420,000. The day is almost over. -- RD

11.39pm: McDonald riding a rollercoaster towards the close of play
After losing a huge pot that would have seen him challenge for the chip lead Mike McDonald has chipped back up to 230,000 after getting it all with pocket aces against Bryan Colin's K♣Q♣.

Does McDonald have another big pot in him before the end of the day? I wouldn'tr rule it out. -- RD

11.28pm: Not a good time for McDonald to flip
Mike McDonald has just lost a huge 700,000 flip to Shawn Buchanan and has been left with just 110,000. Buchanan opened the pot for 15,000 form the hijack and was three-bet by Tobias Reinkemeier to 35,000. McDonald cold four-bet to 73,000 from the small blind asking a large question, to which he got a large answer. Buchanan moved all-in, pushing Reinkemeier out of the way and leaving the pot heads up.

Buchanan: A♦K♥
McDonald: Q♣Q♦

Buchanan flopped top two and McDonald was left short. Is time being called for McDonald? -- RD

11.18pm: ElkY out
Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier is out. He first lost a critical flip against Sirel Mizzi which left ElkY with just 16,000. The coup de grace was delivered by both Mizzi and Daniel Negreanu in a Canadian double team. Mizzi raised the button and ElkY called all-in. Negreanu called from the big blind. Both players caught an ace on the 9♥3♣A♣ flop and eventually chopped the pot.

ElkY mucked and departed in 25th allowing the tournament director to close the table. Down to three tables. -- RD

pca_super high roller_elky.jpg

ElkY out

11.05pm: ElkY rivered by Rajkumar
Bertrand Grospellier may have been trapping or it may have been some some kind of hero call when he looked up Vivek Rajkumar on the river of a checked down K♥Q♠4♠4♣9♣ board. Rajkuma showed J♥T♠ for the straight. ElkY was left with 220,000. -- RD

11.02pm: Smith opens, Lichtenberger closes
As soon as Andrew Lichtenberger three-bet from the cut-off there was an inevitability that Justin Smith was going to pass. He just didn't look like he wanted the action. Smith had made it 16,000 from middle position and Lichtenberger had made it 36,000. -- RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

10.52pm: Full chip counts
Fresh chip counts are here for your perusal leading into the final level fo the day. One Mr Daniel Negreanu is leading the field at the moment, you may have heard of him. -- RD

10.42pm: Break time
That's the end of the level. Players are taking a 15 minute break before returning for the last level of the day. Chip counts can be found on the chip count page. -- SB

10.32pm: Punish the Mizz!
Sorel Mizzi has just passed to a three-bet from Daniel Negreanu and, yes, that is worthy of mention. The younger Canadian had opened from the cut-off to 12,000 and was re-popped to 27,500 by Negreanu. Mizzi appeared to be mulling a four-bet shove before he eventually passed.

"Daniel lit him up," shouted Matt Glantz to Antonio Esfandiari. "Yeah, punish the Mizz!" replied Esfandiari. It was a slogan that was then somewhat bizarrely and enthusiastically echoed by Esfandiari's father who had just appeared on the rail.

Shortly before that hand ElkY had been seated between the pair with around 150,000 to his name. -- RD

10.25pm: Unlucky Lichtenberger
A long slow hand just ran its course between Daniel Cates and Andrew Lichtenberger, ending with Cates out on top.

The pot started with a bet of 10,000 from Ciao Pimenta which Cates called, as did Lichtenberger in the small blind and David Benyamine in the big.

The flop came T♦A♠T♥ which Lichtenberger and Benyamine checked from the blinds. Pimenta bet 14,000 which Cates called, as did Lichtenberger while Benyamine stepped aside.

The turn came J♦. The action was checked to Cates who, with eyes slowly blinking and a head looking like it was losing a long term battle with sleep deprivation, bet 63,000. Lichtenberger called for a 7♥ river.

Lichtenberger checked, leaving it to Cates to bet what looked to be 157,000. Given that his head looked ready to topple off, this took remarkable strength from Cates who then had to wait several minutes for Lichtenberger to respond. He did so by folding. Cates up to around 500,000. - SB

10.15pm: Blom gone
When Vivek Rajkumar found that late arrival Viktor Blom was to be sat to his immediate left, he'd looked over at Daniel Negreanu with a "why me?" cry for help. No, several hours later, it's Rajkumar stacking Blom's chips having just sent Blom to the rail in level 8.

On a board reading 9♣A♦7♥9♦3♥ Vivek moved all-in for around 260,000 with roughly 200,000 in the pot. Blom, visibly exhausted after sitting down to play only a short time after he arrived after a tortuous journey here, had around 116,000 behind and took several minutes to think through his options, occasionally wiping his greasy looking hair from his forehead.

Eventually he called. Rajkumar showed K♥9♠ leaving Blom no option than to tap the table and make ready to leave.

"Good game guys," said Blom, walking away as Rajkumar stacked up his chips worth 500,000.

"All right buddy," said Daniel Negreanu, who had sat opposite him all day. "Get some sleep."

10.04pm: Bucking Buchanan
Both Mike McDonald and Bryan Colin have got the better of Shawn Buchanan in this level and his stack is sliding in the wrong direction, down to 300,000. Colin checked behind with jacks on a board with at least one over on it, beating Buchanan's low paired hand, while McDonald beat his fellow Canadian out before showdown on the river. -- RD

9.54pm: Lichtenberger all-in
A bet of 68,000 in the pot from Andrew Lichtenberger followed by a re-raise to 150,000 from Caio Pimenta on the button. A pause followed, deep thought, then an all-in from Lichtenberger, making it 341,000 more to call.

This had a big effect on Pimenta who, with 430,000 behind, performed some extraordinary face pulling before eventually folding his hand. - SB

9.44pm: Griffin busted
Ashton Griffin is out. He got his chips in with queen-ten but ran into the ace-deuce of Nick Schulman. Schulman would storm through the hand on a board of ace-jack-deuce-king-ace. Griffin's straight was worthless as he departs in 28th place. - SB

pca_super high rollers_ashton griffin.jpg

Ashton Griffin: What do you mean my straight's no good?

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000, ANTE 500

9.32pm: Robl and Obst go to war
Andrew Robl and James 'AndyMcLEOD' Obst are at each other like a pair of prize cockerels. Robl conceded the first pot to Obst after he bet 90,000 on the river of a 7♠5♣3♠5♠6♦ board. "I've got a really big hand here," he had croaked, obviously not enjoying the spot Obst had put him in. He passed (a queen-high flush he later claimed if I heard correctly).

The very next pot went Robl's way. Robl bet 15,000 on a 7♣A♥J♣ flop, 40,000 on the Q♣ turn and large 100,000 on the 6♠ river. The final bet wasn't received well by Obst who deflated a little and said: "Jesus," before dropping his head onto his arm. He finally passed while at the other end of a table a game of What Lodden Thinks raged on between Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari and Bryn Kenney. Obst is sat pretty with 570,000 while Robl was left looking healthy with 500,000. Obst claimed to have passed Broadway. -- RD

9.15pm: Down to 28
Jason Somerville is the next player to depart. He opened for 10,000 which Antonio Esfandiari raised to 26,000 before Somerville moved all-in for 150,000. Esfandiari called, showing A♣A♦ to Somerville's J♦J♠. The board ran 4♣T♣A♥8♣Q♠ to eliminate Somerville. -- SB

9.05pm: Chen gone
Bill Chen is out. He got the last of his chips in with A♣5♦ and looked good against David Benyamine's Q♠9♠ until the board ran 5♣7♣5♥6♠8♥, giving the Frenchman a straight and sending Chen to the rail. "Oh my God!" yelled Chen as the river was dealt, but he'd seen this all before and good naturedly wished the others good luck. He's out. 29 players remain. - SB

8.58pm: The rich keep on getting richer
There's a theory that money attracts money and although that supposition is hard to put to the test when all 38 runners have staked themselves into an event for $100,000 it does seem to be working for Daniel Negreanu. The Canadian went into the break just behind Bryn Kenney in chips and he's already raking more in.

Matt Glantz had been making odd faces from the button, all of which said "I don't know if I should be calling this 42,000 river bet from beardy man." But he did. Negreanu had made a near post-sized bet into the 50,000 in the middle on a 9♠9♦A♣J♠2♣ board. Glantz finally made the call and was shown Q♣9♣ by Negreanu for trip nines just as Antonio Esfandiari pitched up in time to say: "Weeeeeeeee." The Canadian Team Pokerstars Pro is up to 675,000. -- RD

8.50pm: The details
Just a reminder that we are playing nine levels today, meaning three more levels tonight. Players will then return tomorrow to play down to a final table that will be played on Saturday. -- SB

8.45pm: We're back
Play resumes in the Super High Roller with 30 players remaining.

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