2011 PCA Super High Roller: Day 2, level 10 & 11 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)


2.05pm: End of the level
Players are now on the first 15 minute break of the day. -- SB

2.03pm: Glantz-ing blow
Eugene Katchalov just put an end to Matt Glantz's tournament, and the latest shift of the massage therapist working on his back.

Katchalov opened for 23,000 before Glantz moved all-in from the cut off for 103,000 more. Katchalov called, showing 6♦6♣ to Glantz's 2♣2♠.

The board ran 4♦T♥T♣7♠4♠ to send Glantz to the rail in 16th place. -- SB

1.58pm: Robl rumbled
Andrew Robl has just fallen under the axe of James Obst and his demise marked the last hand played across three tables. Robl was dealt K♥K♠ on the button and Obst A♥6♣ in the small blind. Both players were short stacked with around 15 big blinds apiece and it all went in.

The 3♥5♥4♥ flop didn't spike Obst an ace but it did bring a whole heap of opportunity. The 6♠ brought Obst two more outs for the win, but dropped his straight outs into a chop. The river, however, had only the flush on its mind with the 9♥. To his credit Robl tried valiantly to look and sound like a gracious loser but he departed swiftly, obviously a little bitter that his kings couldn't hold in this vital spot. -- RD

pca_super high roller_andrew robl.jpg

Andrew Robl's pocket kings failed to hold against James Obst

1.48pm: Buchanan busted
Shawn Buchanan is out, eliminated by an apologetic Bryan Colin who held T♠J♥ to Buchanan's 4♦Q♣. The board caused a roar of surprise, coming as it did T♦T♥Q♥7♣5♣. "Now go win the main event," said Mercier as Buchanan departed. - SB

1.42pm: Double for Brenes, death for Buchanan
Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes has just doubled up to 480,000 after getting it in good against a reluctant Shawn Buchanan. The Canadian had opened the pot for 24,000 and Brenes, in the big blind no less, had shipped it in for 241,000.

This was not snap call territory for Buchanan who tanked for maybe two minutes before giving a nod and sliding his chips forward. He had Brenes covered by just one solitary yellow 1,000 chip.

Brenes: Q♥Q♦
Buchanan : T♣T♥

Brenes' hand held on the 8♠9♦5♦K♣4♣ board and Buchanan was out the next hand. -- RD

Humberto Brenes celebrates with his two sons on the rail

1.35pm: Horecki sporting the summer catalogue
Where's a photographer when you need one? Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, who finished third in the most recent EPT, was railing the Super High Rollers in full PCA mode; yellow shirt, yellow shorts and big straw hat. It's not a look you'd expect from a former champion skier. Put your legs away, Marcin, and get back on the slopes. -- RD

1.30pm: Signal and manoeuvre
Vivek Rajkumar opened to 26,000 from the cut off and Daniel Cates, sitting next to him, raised to 62,000 on the button. The blinds folded, sending the action back to Rajkumar who tilted his head and looked at Cates's chips, like he was checking his wing mirror before pulling out in to traffic. Cates, still asleep as he was yesterday, waited, then folded when Rajkumar made a raise. - SB

Vivek Rajkumar

1.20pm: Check check
Nick Schulman opened from the button before being raised by Ciao Pimenta in the big blind, another 28,000 more. Schulman called for a flop of 7♠3♥A♦. Both checked that for a T♦ turn card which was also checked. On the 8♦ river card more checking, Pimenta showing K♦K♣ to win the hand as Schulman, still on 438,000, mucked. Pimenta up to 420,000 now. - SB

1.10pm: Scores on the doors
Big movers today include Vivek Rajkumar who is challenging for the chip lead with around 950,000 (full chip counts will come after the next break) and Sandor Demjan who has 750,000.

Demjan just doubled through Bryn Kenney on a 2♣3♥5♠3♠2♥ board after calling from the small blind with 3♦T♦. Kenney, who has raised from middle position, didn't look happy to be shown that hand after calling Demjan's 225,000 shove on the river. In fact, he was still occasionally shaking his head as I walked back to report this hand. Kenney was a big chip leader at EPT Barcelona but things didn't go his way later in the tournament, will the same happen here?

We're updating as we go so click on latest chip counts and hit the refresh button (it won't do it automatically unfortunately). -- RD

pca_super high rollers_bryn keeney.jpg

Bryn Kenney: When the light shines at the correct angle he can be seen from space (see below)

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ANTE 1,000

1.01pm: Shining so bright
Bryn Kenney sparkles in three different places. He wears a diamond earring in each ear, a watch that glistens like frost and a gigantic diamond and silver crucifix on what looks to be a thick silver rope around his neck. He's so colour co-ordinated he must have been getting ready for today yesterday afternoon. He wears a purple shirt, a purple and black "NY" cap which he wears to one side, Stan Laurel style, as if he's just been slapped in the back of the head by a gang leader.

He just split a pot with Daniel Negreanu. Kenney opened for 20,000 in middle position which Negreanu raised to 60,000 on the button. Kenney called for a flop of 6♠K♦T♣. Both checked for a A♥ turn. That was also checked for a 2♥ river card.

At this point Kenney announced "98,000," which Negreanu called. Both players showed ace-queen to get right back to where they started. - SB

12.54pm: Reinkemeier and McDonald, friends forever...
I arrived at the table just in time to see Mike McDonald stand up and say: "Well played, man. Whatever," and then walk off. I couldn't see whether Tobias Reinkemeier had sucked out on him or if it was just frustration from McDonald showing through given that Reinkemeier had four-bet him off a hand shortly before the final killer blow. Either way, McDonald, aka Timex, is out and Reinkemeier is back up near the chip million. Both he and Daniel Negreanu are soaring near the 1 million mark. -- RD


Reinkemeier back at the top of the chip tree

12.45pm: Tooth and nail
Up for discussion are Mike McDonald's teeth. Daniel Negreanu, who just dispatched Sorel Mizzi in 21st place when he used aces to dominate Mizzi's queen-jack of hearts, wants to know how long McDonald has had braces.

Anyone who follows the EPT will remember McDonald's victory in season five, a gap toothed 18-year-old holding aloft the winner's trophy. Now, thanks to the miracle of orthodontistry, they're veneered and revered. "My teeth are probably the most expensive thing I own," he said.

Mike McDonald

McDonald just lost a pre-flop pot to Tobias Reinkemeier though, costing him a little more. Reinkemeier make it 18,000 from the cut-off which McDonald bumped up to 42,000. Reinkemeier them made it 300,000 to play, forcing McDonald to fold. - SB

12.34pm: Benyamine doubles through Reinkemeier
David Benaymine has just doubled through Tobias Reinkemeier after turning a full house on a J♥Q♦J♦2♦K♥ board.

Benyamine had opened the pot for 20,000 from the hijack and Reinkemeier had defended from the big blind. Both players checked the flop before the German led 22,000 into the turn, was called by Benyamine, and fired 58,000 into the river before calling the Frenchman's shove for another 102,000.

Benyamine is up to 400,000. -- RD

12.28pm: Another one gone
Shortly after Justin Smith departed Phil Laak was also out. He shoved with K♦4♦ only for Ciao Pimenta to call with A♣J♣. The board ran 8♥T♦J♠T♣5♦ to send Laak out in 22nd place. -- SB

12.25pm: One gone
Justin Smith is the first player to be eliminated on Day 2. He moved in once more for his last 100,000 chips and was called by Tobias Reinkemeier in the small blind. Smith turned over 9♣7♣ against Reinkemeier's goliath A♥A♦.

The board ran Q♦3♦9♠5♠T♣ to send Smith to the rail in 23rd place. -- SB

12.20pm: Laak bombing on as usual
No sooner than Phil Laak sits down does his table banter begin. Andrew Robl - two seats to his left as yesterday - and Nick Schulman seem to be the main targets for his spiel as he offers $1,000 a year to find out the net worth of high stakes online pros.

"I'm trying to track figures over ten years. I just want to know what I could be making by playing online," said Laak, who also asked how he would get up to speed in the big online games.

"Go burn $30m," was Nick Schulman's suggestion before Robl pointed out that finding players net worth wasn't a fair reflection of online winnings as it didn't factor in major leaks such as the pits or extravagant lifestyles.

"Are you going to report us all for tax evasion?" asked Robl to much laughter.

"Maybe he's going to be the greatest IRS agent ever," said Schulman breaking a smile (that's one of the 2011 poker quota used up - he tends to look pretty serious at the table). -- RD

12.15pm: Colin power
Bryan Colin is the next to move all-in, shoving with Q♣Q♥ and called by Shawn Buchanen with 8♦8♥. The board runs 3♦3♠J♣9♣5♦ to double up Colin, who is now up to around 250,000. -- SB

12.14pm: Obst looking casual
Okoay, it's normal to turn up a little late for a tournament and what does missing a hand or two actually mean really? But in a $100,000 buy-in tournament? James Obst casually arrived a few minutes late with just a plastic bag of chips marking where he should be sat, just to the right of Nick Schulman. -- RD

pca_super high roller_james obst.jpg

James Obst (yesterday, of course)

12.12pm: Early action
A first all in, Justin Smith shoving for 100,000 but getting no callers. -- SB

12.07pm: Cards in the air
Play begins.

12pm: About to start
The clock has ticked (tuck?) down and we haven't started. -- SB

11.50am: Ten minutes
The first players are beginning to arrive, all chatting together. The clock is ticking down - ten minutes until the start. -- SB

11.20am: Hello fireball my old friend
Day 2 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure also marks the return of a familiar friend, the Ferrara Atomic Fireball. Fireball everyone, fireball... -- SB

11.15am: What's the buzz, tell me what's-a-happening
Well, not much at the moment. We're still 45 minutes from the start of Day 2 in the Super High Roller. The three remaining tables have been cordoned off along one wall of the vast tournament room while at the other end the television set continues to be assembled.

Chip leader today is Tobias Reinkemeier and you can find his chip count, along with all the others, on the chip count page. -- SB

10.30am: Day 2 of the Super High Roller
There's a small gale blowing across Paradise Island today. This morning, after an extremely optimistic woman tried to sell me a sarong as I walked along the coast, I watched nine guys launch a rescue attempt on a life guard chair that had been blown over in the night and was being washed out to sea. Two of the group had been volunteered to mount the rescue operation and were sheepishly edging along the shore, occasionally looking back at their foreman to make sure he was serious. They returned soon after with wet boots and without the damn chair.

This is no time to take unnecessary risks

If there was ever a day to stay indoor in Paradise this might be it and with Day 2 of the $100,000 buy-in Super High Roller schedule to play down to a final table there's really no reason to look anywhere else for your dose of pokering Paradise. A total of 38 players bought in yesterday for the noon start and nine levels later just 23 remained. Like the men on the beach this morning, returning empty handed will be par for course today as we work our way to the final table, starting at noon.

We'll have coverage from the start here on the PokerStars Blog, along with chip counts, videos and all the eliminations. While we go launch our own rescue attempt on Simon Young, who has been blown over and is currently being washed out to sea, here's how the players will line up today. -- SB

Table 1
1 Shawn Buchanan, 209,000, Canada
2 Daniel Negreanu, 848,000, Canada, Team PokerStars Pro
3 Vivek Rajkumar, 483,000, United States
4 Daniel Cates, 622,000, United States
5 Bryan Colin, 134,000, United States, PokerStars Player
6 Jason Mercier, 459,000, United States, Team PokerStars Pro
7 Humberto Brenes, 318,000, Costa Rica, Team PokerStars Pro

8 Antonio Esfandiari, 330,000, United States

Table 2
1 Tobias Reinkemeier, 896,000, Germany, PokerStars Player
2 Mike McDonald, 269,000, Canada
3 Bryn Kenney, 828,000, United States, PokerStars Player
4 Sorel Mizzi, 249,000, Canada
5 David Benyamine, 202,000, France
7 Justin Smith, 116,000, United States
8 Sandor Demjan, 401,000, Hungary

Table 3
1 James Obst, 390,000, Australia, PokerStars Player
2 Nick Schulman, 705,000, United States
3 Andrew Lichtenberger, 494,000, United States
4 Matthew Glantz, 148,000, United States, PokerStars Player
5 Caio Pimenta, 409,000, Brazil
6 Phil Laak, 99,000, United States
7 Eugene Katchalov, 551,000, United States
8 Andrew Robl, 324,000, United States