2011 PCA Super High Roller: Day 2, level 14 & 15 updates (blinds 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante)


5.46pm: End of play
A seven-handed final table has been set for tomorrow after the simultaneous knockouts of James Obst (courtesy of Humberto Brenes) and Dan Cates (thanks to Bryn Kenney).

Cates had been crippled by Negreanu a few hands earlier trying to bluff him off second pair with a large river bet. The high stakes pro was then finished off by Kenney's pocket eights. Obst, on the other hand, had shoved with 8♦9♦ and was subject to a bit of a nit-roll from Brenes in the big blind with K♦Q♠. An eight on the flop looked good for the young Australian by a queen on the turn swung the percentages largely into Brenes' favour. He couldn't regain the lead and was left to take the walk of shame with Cates.

That double exit means seven players will come back to play down to the money tomorrow. Sandor Demjan and Andrew Lichtenberger are the two shorts stacks with less than 400,000 each. Full wrap and chip counts to come. -- RD

pca_super high roller_dan cates.jpg

Dan Cates

pca_super high roller_james obst.jpg

James Obst

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

5.20pm: Huge hand for Kenney
Bryn Kenney has just won a massive pot from Daniel Negreanu after a demon draw on a J♠Q♥[6s8♥ board induced the Team PokerStars Pro to move all-in with K♥T♥. Kenney insta-called for his remaining 686,000 with a set of jacks and Negreanu failed to spike one of his flush or straight out. Kenney is up to around 1.7 million. Negreanu down to around 1.5 million.

Sandor Demjan and James Obst are our shortest stacks, but Dan Cates and Andrew Lichtenberger are hardly well stacked either. -- RD

4.58pm: Three way all in and we're down to 9
An enormous hand just resulted in a double elimination and a new chip leader in the form of Nick Schulman, who now has close to 3,000,000 chips. It also leaves just nine players
Schulman had opened the pot for 43,000 which Vivek Rajkumar called. The action was folded to Tobias Reinkemeier in the big blind who moved all-in for 270,000. Shulman called then watched as Rajkumar also moved all-in, which Schulman snap called, showing A♣A♠. Reinkemeier had turned over A♦J♣ while Rajkumar had T♥T♦.

In what were amazing scenes two players stood on the brink, now quite expecting to be departing at such a critical stage.

The board came 2♠9♠8♠5♣7♣. Whether Schulman breathed at all during the hand was difficult to judge but Rajkumar was in mild shock, asking questions of Schulman to support his case for how he'd played. Reinkemeier said nothing. He was out, as was Rajkumar, and Nick Schulman takes the chip lead. - SB

4.48pm: Denjan makes a big fold as Kennney doubles
Andrew Lichtenberger opened for 52,000 and Snador Denjan called before Bryn Kenney moved all-in from the big blind for 320,000. Lichtenberger reshoved for around 860,000 eventually forcing Denjan to fold his hand: pocket jacks. Lichtenberger showed A♣K♦ to Kenney's pocket threes, which promptly flopped a set on the ten-high board. Had Denjan made the call he would have knocked out Lichtenberger and claimed a huge 1.9 million pot. -- RD

4.35pm: So close, yet so far
That's exactly how the next three players out of this tournament will feel. The action has turned short-handed with just eleven players left across two tables and that will continue to shrink down until we have eight players left. Three players will not make the final table and won't be in the mix for the $1.5 million first prize payout. Play set to restart in two minutes. -- RD

pca_super high roller_humberto brenes.jpg

Don't start dancing yet, Humberto, you haven't made the final table yet

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