2012 PCA: Here comes the schedule!

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgIf this news wasn't so hot off the press, I'd take the time to look up the psychological studies that confirm what I'm sure is true: we humans have a psychological dependence on anticipation. We need something to look forward to. The, if you will, antici...........pation gets us through every plodding day of ennui. With WCOOP now a memory, we needed something else. Now we have it:

The 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure schedule is here!

Just in to PokerStars Blog HQ (where we were just covering a slip-and-slide with banana marshmallow cream for lack of anything better to do), the people behind the PCA have slipped us a piece of paper on which we find a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure schedule unlike any in the festival's history. Running January 5-14, the PCA is back with all the tournaments we've come to know and love. Tourney organizers have also created some brand new events that will have your heads spinning.

Of course, the $10,300 main event will serve as the centerpiece for the week. The $100,000 Super Higher Roller and $25,000 Higher Roller events will be back, as well. You'll also have the chance to play Battleship tourneys and all the poker variants you have come to expect from the PCA festival.

So, you have that to look forward to. However, try some of these event titles:

  • NL - Hold'em - Survivor - $10,000 Prize - 30 Min Levels
  • NL - Hold'em - Win The Button!
  • PokerStars 8-Game Championships
  • 6-Max 6 Pack - 6 Max - NLH, PLO, PLO8, PL Pineapple, PL Krazy Pineapple 8, PL 2-7 Triple Draw - $25K GTD
  • NL - Hold'em - Ante Up
  • TwoPlusTwo.com - Players Choice Event
  • NL - Turbo Edition of PCA Main Event - 15 Min Levels
  • NL - Hold'em - Women's Event
  • NLH/PLO - Dealer Button Choice
  • If that doesn't get you excited, you might want to brew another cup of coffee and start thinking of a different way to buy your first yacht.


    Marina at Atlantis in the Bahamas

    There are now only 99 days until the kickoff of the first event. So, it's time to start working on winning your main event package. As always, PokerStars has a full slate of satellite qualifiers to the PCA.

    Cash buy-in qualifiers start at $1.10, or 4 FPPs via the PCA Mega Path route. For more information on satellites, players can go to Events > PCA > Satellites in the PokerStars lobby.

    To start planning your adventure and see complete details of this year's festival, visit the 2012 PCA schedule page.

    See you in the Bahamas!