PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Day 2, flight 2, level 1, 2 & 3 updates (blinds 200-400, ante 50)


9.10pm: End of level
One more bust out to come. Details are en route. -- RD

9.09pm: Another player wakes up with aces behind
Jesse Martin fell just as level three came to an end. Ville Wahlbeck raised to 1,000 from the cut-off before Martin moved all-in for 8,900 from the button. William Pilossoph was in the small blind and tank-folded (a pair, he later said) and it was a good job he did as Darren Elias woke up with A♥A♣ in the big blind. He cold called. Wahlbeck folded before Martin revealed A♠K♠ and was busted on a K♣9♠7♣3♦4♥ board. -- MC

9.06pm: Minieri out
"Good luck, guys," said Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri after he three-bet all-in for 9,000 after a raise from Marko Neumann. He was expecting a call from the German but Christopher Klodnicki decided to get in on the action with an all-in bet for 24,875 from the big blind and that was enough to isolate.

Mineri: 4♥5♣
Klodnicki: A♠A♣

The board ran T♠2♣4♦2♥T♣. The flop offered hope but that hope was strangled to two outs on the turn. -- MC

pca_bounty 2_dario minieri 2.jpg

Minieri played in his signature explosive style

8.59pm: Ainsworth stacking up
Jude Ainsworth is stretching away at the TV table with a 67,500 chip lead. Scott Baumstein has shown a small profit of 28,000. Ainsworth's most recent victim was Andrew Seidman who fell away at the turn of a A♥8♣T♥J♦ board. Ainsworth had three-bet pre-flop. -- RD

8.51pm: 50,000 chip man
Amnon Filippi is up to 50,000 after extracting two streets of value from Christopher Klodnicki. Filippi's 3,200 turn bet from the small blind was called by Klodnicki on the button to go to the river where the board read 8♣K♥J♦6♣K♠. Filippi bet 6,200 and was called again before he tabled K♣Q♣ for trips and the pot. Klodnicki folded and is down to 17,000 as a result. -- MC

8.48pm: Double up for Barer
Ami Barer just doubled through Scott Baumstein to 20,000 in a curiously min-re-raised pot on a 3♦8♣K♠ flop. Baumstein showed K♥4♦ to Barer's K♣J♣. Barer had bet 900, Baumstein had check-raised to 1,950, Barer came back over the top for 2,975 and Baumstein threw his bounty chip in to show that he was all-in. Barer had made the call and his hand held up. -- RD

8.42pm: Wahlbeck doubles
Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck is up to 46,000 after doubling through Jesse Martin. All the chips went in pre-flop with Wahlbeck dominating with A♦K♦ to Martins's A♠Q♣. The board ran eight high and Martin is now on less that 10,000 chips. -- MC

8.37pm: The wheels are loosening
They haven't come off yet but the wheels are certainly loosening on Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minier's cart. He down to 15,000 chips after losing three hands in-a-row. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_dario minieri.jpg

Dario Minieri loves to play rollercoaster poker


8.23pm: River boat
Amnon Filippi is up to 40,000 chips after falling behind on the turn but overtaking on the river. He raised to 750 from first position and was only called by Marko Neumann in the next seat to go to the 3♦5♣T♣ flop. Filippi continued his aggression with a 1,250 bet. Call.

The turn was a scary looking A♣ and Filippi went into check-call mode; to the tune of 2,300. The river came 5♥ and Filippi led for 7,200. Neumann tabled 8♣9♣ for a turned flush but lost out to Filippi's 3♣3♠ to drop to 26,500. -- MC

8.18pm: Ainsworth knocks out Coleman
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth has definitely taken an aggressive footing at the TV table (which can be viewed at PokerStars.tv). After a series of three-bets this hand developed, which has seen Ainsworth take a solid lead and knock out Dan Coleman.

Ainsworth opened under-the-gun and was three-bet by Coleman to 1,750. Ainsworth came back over the top for 3,750 and Coleman opted to call. The Irish Team Pro fired 5,000 into the T♦Q♠2♠ flop. Coleman called. On the 9♠ turn Ainsworth moved all-in and Coleman made the call with A♥Q♣ saying, "You've probably got kings." He didn't. He had Q♥T♠ for top two. The river was the 9♠, not an ace and Ainsworth claimed Coleman's $1,000 bounty. -- RD

pca_bpounty 2_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude Ainsworth happy to knock out Coleman

8.12pm: So long George
Team PokerStars Online's George Lind has been eliminated by Samuel Chartier. They were the two short stacks at the table when they clashed in a pre-flop all-in showdown but Lind had less chips than Chartier. Lind tabled A♥J♠ to Chartier's Q♦Q♣ and the board ran J♣T♠3♣6♥4♥ to send the table five handed. -- MC

8.10pm: Greenstein gets trappy with kings
Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is up to his starting stack after getting trappy against Amichai Barer. -- RD

8.08pm: Chartier believed by the turn
Samuel Chartier is down to 17,000 in a hand that looked like he was going the whole way with. He raised to 700 under-the-gun and was called by Jesse Martin in the cut-off before William Pilossoph three-bet tot 2,700 from the small blind. Chartier called, Martin folded.

The flop came 6♠7♥2♦ and Pilossoph led for 4,200. Call. The turn came 6♦ and there was no slowing down Pilossoph who fired 7,200. Chartier sat and thought for two minutes before folding. Pilossoph is up to 34,000 now. -- MC

8.02pm: Baumstein misses a street of value?
Scott Baumstein checked a full house with K♥J♦ to Jude Ainsworth on a J♠A♦K♦7♠K♠ board and failed to induce a thin value bet or bluff. That hasn't stopped him from taking a lead of around 36,000. -- RD


7.57pm: David baked
David Baker and Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri were the only two players who made it through to today with five bounty chips from yesterday. Minieri has now given himself a great chance of scooping the $25,000 bonus for collecting the most bounties by eliminating Baker.

The turn was out and the board read Q♦T♥6♣9♦ and Baker check-raised Mineri's 4,225 bet all-in for 14,050. Minieri snap-called with Q♠T♦ for top two-pair. Baker tabled J♣9♣ and made a smaller two-pair on the J♦ river. -- MC

7.49pm: Baumstein on the Redbull?
Scott Baumstein has three-bet the last two hands and seems to be the player trying to take the most aggressive stance at the TV feature table. -- RD

7.45pm: Greenstein caught at it
Scott Baumstein just snapped off a check-raise bluff from Barry Greenstein on the river of a K♠J♣8♠3♣5♣ board with A♣J♦. Greenstein rolled his eyes and mucked his hand. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_barry greenstein.jpg

Scrub this and write your caption here instead

Barry Greenstein still smiling despite the bluff

7.42pm: Bluff catching
Amnon Filippi just made a great call on the river versus Christopher Klodnicki. The action started with a David Baker raise to 450 from under-the-gun before Klodnicki three-bet to 1,500 from the small blind. Filippi called from the big blind but Baker folded leaving it heads-up to the 6♦J♣Q♥ flop. Both players checked to the 9♠ turn where Klodnicki led for 2,300.

The river came 7♠ and Klodnicki bet 3,500. Filippi looked confused and stared at his opponent before throwing in the calling chips. Klodnicki tabled A♦K♦ but lost out to Filippi's 8♣8♠. -- MC

7.30pm: It's just his way
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has started just how he finished yesterday; by being in every pot we've witnessed. He raised from the small blind to 600 and was called by Rob Tepper in the big blind. The flop came Q♦7♠8♥ and an 850 c-bet from Mineri was enough to take the pot down.

The very next hand Amnon Filippi raised to 550 from under-the-gun and Minieri was the only caller from the button. The flop came down Q♦7♠8♥ and Filippi led for 850 but folded to the Italian's raise to 2,150. -- MC

7.21pm: We've lost one
And now we've found him. Dan Coleman was nowhere to be seen so we thouoght we'd investigate where he was, at exactly the same time he arrived on set. He was racing through to his seat at the TV table and foudn himself being impeded by PokerStars blogger Marc Convey. "Some bloke was trying to barge past me and trod on the back of my leg," said Convey. There was a reason he was trying to get through... -- RD

7.10pm: Back to the beginning
The remaining 18 players are back to try and clinch the last three places up for grabs in Sunday's final. Each player still has their bounty chips that they will have to give-up to whoever takes their scalp. The winner of each table will book another $40,000 to add to the $10,000 claimed yesterday. Here's how the the three tables are lining up:

Flight two:

Table four
1 Amnon Filippi USA
2 David Baker USA
3 Marko Neumann Germany
4 Dario Minieri Italy Team PokerStars Pro
5 Rob Tepper USA
6 Christopher Klodnicki USA

Table five (feature table)
1 Andrew Seidman USA
2 Barry Greenstein USA Team PokerStars Pro
3 Scott Baumstein USA
4 Jude Ainsworth Ireland Team PokerStars Pro
5 Amichai Tzvi Barer Canada
6 Daniel Colman USA

Table six
1 William Pilossoph USA
2 Darren Elias USA
3 Samuel Chartier Canada
4 Ville Wahlbeck Finland Team PokerStars Pro
5 Jesse Martin USA
6 George Lind USA


Team PokerStars Pro Barry 'The Bear' Greenstein

PokerStars Blog reporting team at the shootout (in order of calories consumed at dinner): Rick Dacey & Marc Convey (both fatties for ordering the burgers.).