PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Day 2, level 4, 5 & 6 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg4.42pm: Binger doubles Van Til
Michael Binger and Johan van Til has played out the first big pot of their heads-up match. Van Til raised to 2,900 before Binger three-bet to 6,000 and Van Til four-bet to 14,200. Binger shoved all-in and Van Til called all-in.

Binger: 9♠6♦
Van Til: A♣Q♠

The board ran T♣Q♦7♣3♣J♥ to double the Dutchman up to 121,500. That was the last hand of the level. The players are on a 15 minute break. Jeff Madsen has a two-to-one chip advantage over Andrew Chen in the other match. -- MC

4.35pm: Madsen takes another scalp
Jeff Madsen has knocked another player at his table to take it to heads-up with Andrew Chen. Matthew Waxman opened shoved for 16,125 from the button with A♣Q♠ and Madsen smooth called with A♠A♥ from the small blind. The board ran T♦7♠Q♥4♥2♥. Madsen has a 90,000 to 60,000 chips advantage over Chen.

The other table has Michael Binger out chipping Johan van Til two-to-one. -- MC

4.20pm: Deeb first to the final
Shaun Deeb is the first player to make it to that big six-handed final table (which takes place in two days time) after eliminating Alex Wice heads up. Deeb set Wice in with A♦2♦ and the Canadian made the call with 9♣9♥. It was a great spot to double for Wice, but not after the A♦7♣J♦ flop. He failed to catch up as Shaun Deeb claimed his fourth bounty of the day.

Deeb goes through. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_shaun deeb.jpg

Shaun Deeb is through to the final

4.14pm: Deeb cripples Wice
Shaun Deeb has taken the lead back in the TV table heads up. After a pre-flop raising war Deeb called a Wice raise to 15,000 with A♥4♥ before check-shoving over Wice's 13,000 bet on a 2♥Q♦3♥ flop. Wice insta-called with two black kings.

The turn brought the A♦ leaving Wice drawing super thin. The T♣ settled it. Wice is left with just 24,000. -- RD

4.11pm: They call him two-pair Madsen
Jeff Madsen has claimed his third bounty chip today after eliminating Travis Carson. The action was blind on blind and limped to a 2♠7♦8♣ flop where Madsen led for 1,500 only to face a raise to 5,000 from Carson. Madsen set Carson all-in who called all-in for 14,000 after a moment's thought.

Madsen: 7♠8♦
Carson: K♣8♥

"I flop two-pair a lot!" said Madsen before he safely saw his through the 9♣ turn and Q♠ river. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

4.02pm: Wice sets up Deeb, takes the chip lead
Shaun Deeb limped into the pot from the small blind and Alex Wice checked his option. Both players checked through to the 2♠7♦9♥J♥ turn which Wice led for 1,200. Deeb responded with a raise to 3,200 and Wice came back over the top for 9,100. Deeb wasn't done with the hand and five-bet to 16,700. Wice made the call.

The Q♦ hit the river and Wice checked to Deeb who put Wice all-in for his final 28,000. Wice insta-called with T♠8♥ for the straight. Deeb held T♣5♣.

There had been a similar hand a little earlier when Wice had called a re-raise on the turn and passed to a shove. It seems likely that Wice was using that history to get paid off. He's in control of this game with around 90,000 to Deeb's 60,000. -- RD

4pm: Matthew waxed, man
Matthew Waxman is down to 31,000 chips after getting out muscled by Andrew Chen and Jeff Madsen in consecutive hands. The first hand saw Chen raise to 2,200 from the small blind only for Waxman to three-bet to 4,800. Chen was having none of it and four-bet to 10,000. Fold. The next hand Waxman raised to 2,200 from the button but folded to a Madsen big blind three-bet. -- MC

3.52pm: Jaka out, Deeb chip leader heads up
Shaun Deeb has taken three bounties at this TV table and how has a two-to-one chip lead over Alex Wice. Faraz Jaka had four-bet shoved over a Deeb raise with Q♦T♦ and run into pocket queens. The A♠Q♥J♣ flop gave Jaka some hope, but no king arrived. Maybe he'll be in time to enter the $25,000 high roller. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_wice and jaka.jpg

Alex Wice (left) is now facing Shaun Deeb after Faraz Jaka's knockout (right)

3.47pm: Carson short
Travis Carson is the short stack at table one after folding to Madsen, leaving himself with 14,000 chips. Carson min-raised from under-the-gun and Madsen called to go the 3♠2♠7♥ flop. Madsen check-called a 2,000 bet before leading out for 4,125 on the 7♠ turn. All the camera men rushed into position in anticipation but Carson folded. -- MC

3.42pm: Wice chops up Jaka
Faraz Jaka just made a big call to strong min-raise on the river of a 5♠Q♣6♥8♦7♣ board. Jaka had made it 8,000 and Wice clicked it up to 16,000. Jaka slowly made the call and was shown Q♦9♣ for the nine-high straight. Shaun Deeb is still ahead with 72,000, Alex Wice has 52,000 and Jaka is 20 big blinds deep with 16,600. -- RD

3.37pm: Madsen throws out Adams
Jeff Madsen has eliminated Brandon Adams. Madsen raised pre-flop and was called by Adams and Matthew Waxman in the big blind. The flop came 2♥T♥Q♦ and Madsen's 3,200 c-bet was only called by Adams to go to the Q♥ turn.

Madsen slowed to a check to face a 6,000 bet from Adams. Madsen moved all-in for 13,975. Adams looked distraught but he committed the rest of his chips (a few hundred less than Madsen) with A♣T♠. Madsen was sat with the Q♠T♣ nuts leaving Adams drawing dead. Adams shook Madsen's hand and left before the 9♠ river was dealt. -- MC

pca_bounty 2_madsen and adams.jpg

Madsen (left) has eliminated Adams

3.29pm: Binger claws some back
After slipping behind in the early part of their heads-up match, Michael Binger is back to within 10,000 of Joan van Til. Binger raised to 1,900 from the button and Van Til called to see the 5♥Q♦4♦ flop. Binger c-bet for 2,300 and the Dutchman check-called to see the 4♠ turn where they both checked. The river came A♦ and Van Til check-called a 4,500 bet but mucked upon seeing the American's A♣7♦. -- MC

3.20pm: Czuczor out, first heads-up
Shaun Deeb holds 70,000. Fraz Jaka and Alex Wice both have around 35,000.

pca_bounty 2_tables.jpg

Same set up, just fewer players now


3.20pm: Czuczor out, first heads-up
Table three is the first table to get heads-up after Michael Binger took care of Marton Czuczor. Binger raised from the small blind with Q♠Q♦ and called when the Hungarian moved all-in with 2♣2♥. The board ran 4♥6♦A♦8♦K♣ to see the queens of Binger safely home. He'll now take a slight disadvantage in chips through to his heads-up battle with Van Til. If Binger's heads-up history in this event is anything to go by it should conclude just in time for the PokerStars party tonight - about 8.30pm. -- MC

3.15pm: Greg Debust
Team PokerStars Pro Greg Debora is the third player to fall from his table. Johan van Til raised from the button and looked the Canadian when he shoved for his last 13,625. Debora was in trouble with his A♣T♣ matching up badly against the Dutchman's J♠J♣. It got worse for Debora on the 2♠6♦J♦ flop as Van Til hit top set and the two were shaking hands as the turn came 9♠. The river was the 3♣ and Van Til's new stack is worth 80,000 chips or so. -- MC

pca_bounty 2_greg debora.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Greg Debora is out

3.10pm: Lyall out, Deeb surging ahead
Dean Lyall has just been knocked out by Sean Deeb, pushing the American up to over 80,000 for a dominating lead at the TV table. Lyall had four-bet shoved for a little under 20,000 and Deeb had insta-called with 7♦7♣. Lyall tabled A♦3♦ and failed to catch a big hand on the 5♠K♣4♣8♦3♥ board. Wice is the shortest stack with just over 20,000. Jaka is up to 33,000 but Deeb is a long way ahead. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_dean lyall.jpg

Dean Lyall (foreground) failed to catch a bullet

3.02pm: Table one loses one
Dane Canelas-Miller is the first player to be eliminated from table one falling to his nemesis of the day, Matthew Waxman. Waxman raised from the button with 6♥6♦ and called when Canelas-Miller shoved for 11,375 from the small blind with A♥4♥. The board ran T♥8♠8♥J♣6♠ to make Waxman a full-house. -- MC

2.55pm: Van Til seizing control
Johan van Til is up to 67,000 chips and it's the first time someone has stretched clear at his table. He was in the big blind and called a raise from Marton Czuczor in the small blind to see the 9♥7♣7♠ flop. Czuczor led for 1,800 then 3,350 on the A♣ turn and 6,100 on the T♥ river. Van Til called all the way but raised to 17,200 on the river.
Czuczor tanked for a few minutes before releasing his hand to drop to 32,250 chips. -- MC

pca_bounty 2_johan van til.jpg

Johan van Til is stamping his game down

2.50pm: Jaka getting jacked up
Faraz Jaka has said that he's going to play fast and loose for the next level because there's only one hour of registration left for the $25,000 high roller. That's an approach to live multi-tabling. -- RD

pca_bounty 2_faraz jaka.jpg

2.40pm: We're back

Table one
1 Matthew Waxman USA - 24,950
2 Dane Canelas-Miller USA - 14,550
3 Jeff Madsen USA - 28,400
4 Brandon Adams USA - 19,775
5 Travis Carson USA - 15,250
6 Andrew Chen Canada - 46,075

Table two
1 Shaun Deeb USA - 61,100
2 David Cairns Canada - Busted
3 Alex Wice Canada - 46,550
4 Faraz Jaka USA - 10,250
5 Dean Lyall UK - 23,100
6 Toby Lewis UK - Busted

Table three
1 Marton Czuczor Hungary - 45,975
2 Johan Van Til Netherlands - 42,400
3 Greg Debora Canada Team PokerStars Pro - 21,550
4 Eric Ladny USA - Busted
5 Michael Binger USA - 40,475
6 Nick Binger USA - Busted

pca_bounty 2_mike binger 2.jpg

Mike Binger counting his bounties (which now includes his brother's)

PokerStars Blog reporting team at the shootout (in order from ): Rick Dacey (Darth Vader) and Marc Convey (R2D2 - really?).