PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Deeb leads the bounty charge into the final table


After a long, long day split into two flights our six final table players are set for Sunday. Shaun Deeb, Andrew Chen and Mike Binger qualified through flight one, which started at 12 noon, and Scott Baumstein, Marko Neumann and William Pilossoph made it through flight two, which had the later start time of 7pm. They'll all enjoy a day off to rest and recuperate in the sunny Bahamian sun tomorrow... ahhhh, who are we kidding? They'll be playing one of the side events or cash games that have been running pretty much non-stop for the last ten days.

All six players have added a further $40,000 to the $10,000 they won for passing their first heat. The winner on Sunday will walk away with $213,000, and possibly more if they scoop the most bounties.

pca_bounty 2_deeb bounty.jpg

Shaun Deeb with his seven-strong bounty haul

Shaun Deeb was the first player to go through after beating Canadian Alex Wice heads up. Wice had taken an early lead in what proved to be the most aggressive heat of the day that was laced with a virulent strain of three- and four-betting, but Deeb soon pegged him back. The turning point being a memorable bluff-shove by Deeb with 6♦7♦ on a Q♥5♠J♥8♥7♥ board. Wice later claimed to have passed 9♥6♥.

Deeb goes through to the final with seven bounties, leading the charge for the extra $25,000 that is up for grabs for the player that scoops the greatest number of bounties.

pca_bounty 2_deeb and wice.jpg

Deeb and Wice played an aggressive heads up match

Jeff Madsen looked good to get through to that big money final table but Andrew Chen just wasn't going to let that happen. Madsen may have been the axe-man at his table, tearing through his table as he did, but Chen upped his game in the heads up to dispatch his opponent with the A♣4♣ nut flush draw to the K♣7♣ second nut flush on a Q♥5♣2♣ flop. The 2♠ turn and A♠ river sealed Chen's spot in the final.

pca_bounty 2_andrew chen.jpg

Andrew Chen overturned Jeff Madsen's chip lead to go through

Mike Binger was the last player to qualify through flight one, some six hours after the shootout started. It was the second time he qualified late following an eight hour epic on Day 1 against Darren Kennedy. Today it was Johan van Til that provided the obstacle, but was one that Binger managed to mount a little quicker.

The lead had swung back and forth between the American and the Dutchman. Each threw large shots but it was Van Til that finally fell calling a large limp shove with K♥T♥. Binger held 4♣4♦ and hit a four flush on the river.

pca_bounty 2_bingers.jpg

Mike Binger eliminated brother Nick en route to his victory over Van Til

And onto flight two where Scott Baumstein sailed through his heat after knocking out Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein and Ami Barrer in back to back hands. Fellow Team Pro Jude Ainsworth had taken a huge lead in the early levels raking in 80,000 of the 150,000 chips with five players left. Two large hands against Baumstein and one against Greenstein did not go his way and he departed in fourth, looking a little confused as to where it all went wrong.

pca_bounty 2_baumstein.jpg

Scott Baumstein had a high VPIP throughout

Marko Neumannn took out Amnon Filippi heads up at the most swingy of tables. He finally made a big call with two pair which Filippi thought he had slow rolled him with. He was not happy. Some harsh words were spoken but the German pleaded innocence on that front. Either way, he goes through with five bounties to his name.

pca_bounty 2_marco neumann.jpg

Marko Neumann

The final player through was William Pilossoph who cracked Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck's pocket aces with A♦8♦ just moments after Neumann's supposed slow roll. Wahlbeck started as the short stack but a series of double-ups put him back in with a great chance of going through until a horrible cracking noise appeared on the turn of a 9♥8♠5♥8♥K♠ board.

pca_bounty 2_william pilossoph.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck was ko'd by Pilossoph (pictured here with bounties)

The Bounty Shootout final table will take place on Sunday with full coverage here on the PokerStarsBlog. If you want to catch up with all the day's action click on the links below:

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