PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Final table, level 1 & 2 updates (blinds 500-1,000, ante 100)


4.25pm: Baumstein shove closes off the level
Pilossoph has just three-bet Scott Baumstein from the button, raising the young American's 2,500 open up to 7,800. Baumstein made the call and checked the 6♠3♠2♣ flop. Pilossoph c-bet 10,200 and Baumstein shoved. Pilossoph passed and we're now into a 20-minute break. -- RD

4.19pm: Thin value betting
Andrew Chen is up to 139,000 after taking a chunk out of chip leader Scott Baumstein's stack. Baumstein raised from the hijack and Chen called on the button to go to a 3♥J♥8♥ flop. Baumstein continued with a 2,900 bet. Call. The turn came 9♣ and Baumstein went into pot control mode with a check-call of Chen's 6,400 bet. The river came Q♠ and once more Baumstein check-called, this time to the tune of 13,000. Chen tabled Q♥J♦ for top two pair and the pot as Baumstein mucked to drop to 147,000. Chen is up to 139,000 now. -- MC

4.07pm: Binger all-in, gets it through
Shaun Deeb raised from the hijack and Michael Binger called from the next seat. The flop came 2♣9♣J♠ and Deeb c-bet for 3,200 but folded when Binger shoved for 35,000. -- MC

4pm: Baumstein wins a 75k pot
Scott Baumstein's 25,000 pot-sized bet on the river of a 9♠4♦7♥7♠4♥ river felt like an all or nothing wager. Marko Neumann was the player who had the chance to find out. He made the call and was shown A♣7♦ as Baumstein chipped up to 172,000. -- RD

pca_bounty 3_scott baumstein.jpg

Scott Baumstein has edged ahead of Deeb into the chip lead

3.58pm: Deeb extends lead
Andrew Chen raised to 2,500 from cut-off and was called by Shaun Deeb in the next seat and Michael Binger in the small blind. The flop came 9♣K♥7♠ and a Chen 5,000 c-bet was called by both players to go to the 8♦ turn. Binger now became the aggressor as he led for 12,000 which was enough to scare off Chen but not Deeb who moved all-in. Binger had a lot of his stack invested but made the lay down. Deeb's aggression is really working for him right now as he extends his lead. -- MC

3.52pm: Deeb makes a move on Baumstein
Billy Pilossoph opened the button and was called by Shaun Deeb in the big blind. Pilossoph bet 2,600 on the 5♦K♦3♥ flop and Deeb check-raised to 6,900 and Pilossoph made the call. Deeb kept up the aggression with a 11,500 lead into the T♥ turn. Pilossoph passed. Deeb is up to 135,000. -- RD

3.48pm: Pilossoph enters and feels the cold
Billy Pilossoph has played his first significant pot but was coolered by Shaun Deeb. Deeb raised from under-the-gun and Pilossoph called from the small blind. The flop came down Q♦5♥3♣ and Pilossoph check-called a c-bet before both checked through the 7♦ turn. The river came 7♠ and Pilossoph led for 6,500 only to face a raise up to 30,600 from Deeb. Pilossoph made the call with 6♥7♥ but lost out to Deeb withT♠7♣ for trips with a higher kicker. Deeb up to 124,600 chips now. -- MC

3.40pm: The first all-in move
Andrew Chen is the first player to move all-in but he was effectively putting the shorter stacked Michael Binger all-in. Chen raised to 2,500 before Binger three-bet him for the second time, to 7,200. Chen slid all his chips over the line and Binger threw his cards in the muck. He drops to around 58,000 chips now.-- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

3.32pm: Chen aggression
Andrew Chen has shown his aggressive streak against Marko Neumann to take a pot. Neumann raised to 2,100 from the cut-off only to face a three-bet to 6,300 from Chen in the big blind. He called to see the 3♦2♥Q♥ flop but folded to Chen's 6,700 c-bet. Neumann is down to 91,600 and Chen is up into second spot with 107,800. -- MC

3.30pm: Deeb makes a move on Baumstein
Shaun Deeb just got caught at it. He opened from the cut-off to 2,000 and was three-bet by Scott Baumstein in the small blind to 5,800. Baumstein fired 6,400 and called a raise from Deeb of 16,200 on a flop of T♥K♠Q♥. The 7♦ was checked as was the T♣. Baumstein showed A♦Q♣ and Deeb 6♣4♣. Baumstein didn't look like he was going anywhere should Deeb have bluffed the river. Baumstein is up to 136,000. -- RD

pca_bounty 3_final table.jpg

The final table is being recorded for ESPN

3.25pm: Deeb wins decent first pot
Shaun Deeb has taken down his first pot and it helps him to leap into the chip lead. He raised to 2,200 from the button and Marko Neumann defended from the big blind to see the 5♥4♥5♣ flop. The German player check-called a 2,600 Deeb bet and a 6,200 bet on the 9♦ turn. The river came a scary looking 3♥ and Neumann led for 17,100. Deeb didn't like it and sat back in chair. He did make the call though and was good. Neumann tabled king high, losing out to Deeb's A♠5♦. Deeb up to 116,400 and Neumann drops back to 110,000. -- MC

3.15pm: Baumstein values aces
Scott Baumstein just extracted a nice bit of value from Andrew Chen with a balanced river bet. Baumstein had opened from the hijack with A♦A♠ and had been called by Chen in the small blind. A 2,500 c-bet on the Q♣T♣K♥ flop was called by Chen before both players checked to the 8♠3♥ river. Baumstein bet it for 7,700 and Chen took a minute to think whether to call with his bluff catcher. He did, and Baumstein showed him the bullets.

Baumstein is up to 110,000, Chen is down to 93,000. -- RD

3.05pm: Neumann makes his mark on Deeb
Shaun Deeb has just found out, like Michael Binger, how tricky it can be to play out of position against Marko Neumann. Deeb raised under-the-gun and Neumann called to go to a 6♣Q♣8♥ flop. Deeb continued for 3,200 and Neumann called. The turn came 3♥ and there was no slowing Deeb down as he fired 7,100 only to face a raise up to 16,200 from Neumann. It was too much heat for Deeb to handle and he folded. -- MC

2.50pm: Binger loses more
Michael Binger has lost his second pot out of two to drop to 69,600 chips. Andrew Chen opened the pot again with a 2,200 raise from the cut-off. Binger three-bet to 6,100 from the small blind and was cold called by Marko Neumann in the big blind and that priced in Chen who called as well. The flop came 2♦4♣7♥ and Binger led for 8,000. Neumann called again but Chen folded. The turn came 9♦ and Binger slowed to a check and faced a 16,100 bet from his German opponent. Binger likes to think about every decision and this one seemed to really get his attention. He stared at his opponent and decided it wasn't worth it and folded. Neumann is the early chip leader now with 118,00 chips. -- MC

2.32pm: Chen takes early lead
Andrew Chen has taken an early lead after hitting a full-house on a four club board versus Michael Binger. It was the second hand. Chen raised to 2,200 from the cut-off and was called by Michael Binger in the small blind. The flop came 4♣2♣K♣ and Binger check-called a 3,200 bet. Both checked the Q♣ turn before Binger tank check-called a 8,500 bet on the Q♦ river. Chen tabled 2♥2♦ for the pot as Binger mucked. -- MC

2.28pm: Seat draw
The final six players, who have battled through a field of 216, line up as follows. -- RD

1. Andrew Chen
2. Shaun Deeb
3. Michael Binger
4. Marko Neumann
5. Scott Baumstein
6. William Pilossoph

pca_bounty 3_final table.jpg

The final six players

2.20pm: Players in their seats
Players are in their seats and play is finally set to start. It's being streamed on PokerStars.tv.

1.45pm: Set to start at 2pm
Welcome back for the final tournament to held be held on the stunning feature table that has already seen Eugene Katchalov win the Super High Roller for $1.5 million and Galen Hall take down the the Main Event for a staggering $2.3 million.

There's not quite that much money on offer today but $213,000 is not to be sniffed at. In true shootout format, this is the only prize on offer - winner takes all. A reminder though that each player is already $10,000 richer for winning their first table and up another $40,000 for winning their second table.

If the winner takes all format isn't enough to encourage the players to go full throttle then the $25,000 PokerStars have added for the player who claims the most bounties certainly will. Shaun Deeb currently leads the way with seven bounties. The final table structure gives the players a 100,000 starting stack and longer levels; up from 40 minutes to an hour long. Play is due to get underway very shortly.

pca_bounty shootout_shanu deeb.jpg

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at the Bounty Shootout (in order of sanity): Marc Convey (Who am I?) and Rick Dacey (Where am I?).