PCA 2012: Last days to qualify

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgWell, this is it, folks. We've been telling you this day would come. We've been telling you to hurry. We've been telling you that there would come a time when qualifying satellites to the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure would come to an end. That time is nearly here.

Today and tomorrow mark the final two days of online satellites to the PCA main event. Between now and the end of tomorrow, PokerStars is guaranteeing eight prize packages to the PCA. Win one of those and you get your $10,000 buy-in, a week's stay at Atlantis, travel money, and a room credit to spend on food at the resort. Trust me on this one: it's a good deal. Also, PokerStars will throw in the beach for free.


The beach at Atlantis

There are six different qualifiers running from 14:00 ET today through 20:30 tomorrow night. Win a package in one of those, and you will be among the more than 600 people already registered for the PCA main event. While there are no guarantees, some PCA organizers are expecting a prize pool worth more than $10 million.

If you're ready to take your shot at it, here's the list of the final PCA qualifiers:


  • 14:01--$320-1R1A--(1 package guaranteed)
  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT--(1 package guaranteed)
  • 20:30--$33+R-3xT--(1 package guaranteed)
  • Thursday

  • 15:00--$530--(2 packages guaranteed)
  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT--(1 package guaranteed)
  • 20:30-- $215--(2 packages guaranteed)
  • Get on them while you can, because it's your last chance to win a full prize package to the 2012 PCA.

    For full information on the festival, visit the 2012 PCA homepage.