PCA 2012: Pack your guts and gamble for PLO

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgDon't let this worry you. I couldn't have you being worried less than a month away from the best poker vacation of the year. Nonetheless, I would be remiss if I didn't mention a certain packing necessity for a subset of PCA players. Though modern day international flying restrictions are tough, you're still allowed by law to pack your guts and gamble. Good thing, too, because I was just taking a look at the PLO events on tap for the PCA.

No doubt, the 2012 PCA schedule is something to behold. Like the sun (or the light from Marsellus Wallace's briefcase), it's almost too bright to commit any sort of reasonable focus. Buried in it are five events made especially for the people who like the steep Atlantis water slides. Put on your sunglasses and behold these events. It's PLO madness.

  • January 7, Saturday: PLO - Turbo - "8 Max" $5,000 + $200
  • January 8, Sunday: PLO8 - Turbo $270 + $30
  • January 9, Monday: PLO - Turbo $270 + $30
  • January 10, Tuesday: PokerStars PLO Championships - "8 Max" $5,000 + $250
  • January 12, Thursday: PLO - "8 Max" - Dealer's Choice 4 or 5 Cards $1,000 + $100

  • pca_waterslide.jpg
    One of the death-defying water slides at Atlantis

    Now, I know what some of you are saying right now. You're saying, "Stop telling me all this stuff! I don't have my PCA package yet!"

    I know. I know. But there is still time. You can still make it. Just look at the next few days of opportunities you have to win a PCA prize package.


  • 14:01--$320-1R1A (1 package)
  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • 20:30--$33+R-3xT (1 package)

  • Thursday
  • 15:00--$530 (2 packages)
  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • 20:30--$215 (1 package)
  • Friday

  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT (1 package)

  • Saturday
  • 12:30--$215 (2 packages)
  • 16:41--$33+R-3xT (2 packages)
  • So, win your package, pack your guts, and get yourself down to the PCA.

    For more information, see the 2012 PCA page.