Join the heroes, win a $16,000 PCA package for $10

Do you want to win the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure? Yes? Good, then let us continue.

Last year an amateur player called John Dibella won the PCA main event giving him $1,775,000, a lovely shiny trophy, a beautiful Neil Stoddart winner's photo (he doesn't just do them for anyone) and one hell of an enormous smile. See that picture? That trophy? That $1,775,000 smile? That could be you.


John Dibella loving life in Paradise

If only it it didn't cost $10,000 to enter. But... What? Who? Wait a second... You can directly qualify into a PCA main event package worth $16,000 for just $10 each week? And last week there was a $30,000 overlay on the $160,000 tournament? How can you not take a stab at that. Each week until 9 December PokerStars is running a 10-package guaranteed satellite to the PCA for just $10. If you're new to poker let us tell you that this kind of thing simply doesn't happen but, as part of the 10-year celebrations they are. You really shouldn't miss out.

You can qualify for a shot at one of the largest prizes in poker while getting an awesome holiday in The Bahamas all for $10? Yes. Yes, you can. Many players have already and we'll introduce a few of those in a second. But first, when and where do these incredible $10 satellites take place?

There's a weekly $10 ten seat guaranteed satellite direct into the PCA main event. Each package is worth $16,000, which consists of the $10,000 entry fee, accommodation at Atlantis and $1,099 spending money.

Qualifiers run at 13:00 ET every Sunday, with registration remaining open for three hours. Feeder satellites also run every hour from only $0.10. You can find the qualifiers listed in the PokerStars lobby under the 'Events' >> 'PCA' >> 'All' tabs.

You can even get into the qualifier for free if it's your first deposit. Click through to the $10 PCA promotion page to find out how, which is exactly how Ramon Jaanipere got his $16,000 seat....

Introducing some of the heroes
Ramon 'hullpealuu' Jaanipere, a 26 year-old from Tallinn, Estonia, took advantage of the free ticket promotion and deposited $50. That free $10 ticket is now worth $16,000 and could be spun into $100,000's this coming January.

"I am looking forward to see the amazing and luxury Bahamas. I'm really excited to play one of the
biggest tournament in the world," he said.

That about sums it up. Win a $16,000 package for $10, play an amazing tournament and get an incredible holiday while you're at it.


Ramon Jaanipere

Graduate Henrik S Werenskiold sounds like a talented guy. He has two regular degrees (BA's in international Affairs and International Business Administration and one masters degree (Msc in Political Economy). Add five languages - Norwegian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese - into the mix and it might not come as much of a surprise that he had the gumption to qualify through the $10 satellites.

"It's suffice to say that I'm over-the-top exited. I'm looking forward to play a real live tournament with all the pros. I want to see if my poker skills can meet the challenge," said Werenskiold.


Henrik Werenskiold

Ioannis 'gourgoulas' Gourgoulidis, a 29 year-old from Serres,Greece, has enjoyed some poker success before: a $9,000 win has been locked up in the past

"It was like a dream that came true and the first person I told was my girlfriend because she is the only one who believes in me," said Gourgoulidis.

Should Gourgoulidis go deep in the main event I think we know who can look forward to a decent present then. The gas station owner has been to Atlantis once before, but not for poker, and said that he's looking forward to playing poker with some of the best players in the world.


Ioannis Gourgoulidis

Join these three and many, many more at the PCA 2013, 5-14 January. Click through to find the official PCA website.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.