PCA 2012: A million-dollar benediction

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgThe nature of this endeavor, this brave new world in which the video of what we see is streamed to your computer, means that we know things 40 minutes before you do. For instance, we know that within thirty seconds of the start of the $25,000 High Roller final table, Red Bull Robbie Thompson called out over the microphone, "Can we get cocktails to the final table please?"

Indeed, we know that fact, and now many more, but we can't reveal the specifics, or we'll be fired, and maybe physically removed from the rom. This live coverage of the $25,000 High Roller really puts a crimp in how we work. There are gorillas all over this resort just ready to pounce on us for revealing the details of this final table before it's aired live.

And so we won't. We can't. We have families who expect us to come home tomorrow. And most of them expect us to come home with jobs and without broken legs. That's a challenge under normal conditions, but today it's even worse.

And so, we can tell you only this. One hundred forty-one people started this tournament. Seven of them started this tournament twice (re-entry tournaments are all the rage with the kids these days). These guys are left.


Leading them at the start of the day is Jason Koon with 1,646,000 chips.Within a few blinds of Koon is Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel, with 1,530,000. They're joined by Team Online's Randy Lew, and some of the best high rollers in the world, Isaac Haxton, Nico Fierro, Govert Metaal, Leonid Bilokur, and Michael Telker.

Wait, was that an all-in? Can't tellya.

In around 40 minutes, you will begin to see live coverage here on this blog and on PokerStars.tv. Until then, we're mum. There are gorillas in the mist, and they are just looking for a reason to pound us.

Stick with us for semi-live coverage throughout the afternoon and a full wrap-up at night's end.