PCA 2012: All in the script for Negreanu


Daniel Negreanu is used to tournament poker. He's used to big buy-in tournament poker and he's used to reaching final tables. He's used to watching others crash out before him and he used to making the money. He's also used to being eliminated, something he accepts as an everyday part of his working life, like travel or finding vegan food.

In contrast to Scott Seiver, Negreanu plays every hand, whether he's all-in, calling or just watching, as if it was the most exciting thing in his life. I suppose it is, but there's none of the fretting others have to endure, Negreanu will take it or leave it.

Daniel Negreanu

Another thing he's used to is the post-match interview, which he slides into after being knocked out by Viktor Blom, switching on his own internal TV mode, with superlative ease.

"How ya feeling?" asks a chipper TV staffer with a clipboard wanting gold from Kid Poker.
Negreanu's responses were as slick as they were well rehearsed. He hadn't had a lot of situations to exploit. It had been a tough field. But he wasn't disappointed. He answered each with gloss and in his TV voice, like a prisoner under interrogation feeling that the whole process would be quicker if he just confessed to all the charges.

And his pick?

Viktor Blom

"Now that he beat me, I'm going to go Viktor Blom," said Negreanu, giving what might have been his most insightful answer. And he may be right. Blom is looking good, and just knocked out Jonathan Duhamel in third to prove it.