PCA 2012: Blom in Bloom


Just 12 months ago Viktor Blom was unleashed onto the poker world. He'd been around a while, as Isildur1, but now his identity was confirmed; the young Swede with the innocent face, emerging from behind a curtain. Finally, it put a face to the man who had been pulling so many people's strings for months.

It goes without saying that Blom is already something of a legend, even though his appearance at the table often makes him appear to be a fortunate passer-by, invited by a witless sceptic convinced that poker is all luck. Instead Blom is one of the most feared players in the game.

Viktor Blom, sharing a joke with Galen Hall

But there's irony to Blom's ruthless reputation. A look at Blom's live results suggest inexperience and even poor form. With the exception of a 16th place finish in a WSOP Europe event back in 2010, Blom's palmares is blank, and in the 12 months that followed his coming out party here Blom has added nothing live.

All that looks set to change today.

Blom looks to be in perfect position to seize his first major title, as though this were all part of a plan he'd put in motion last January. With three players left he has more than half the chips in play and has his remaining opponents Galen Hall and Dan Shak on the ropes.


Both Hall and Shak are no pushovers. Hall is the defending main event champion no less and while Shak plays without the flash bang of his young opponents, he has equal nerve.

So it's not Blom's yet. Or is it?