PCA 2012: Empty chair leads the Main Event

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgI appreciate this is hard to believe, but an empty chair is currently runaway chip leader of the PCA Main Event. Alex Repik had such a good start to his tournament that he has not bothered coming back from the dinner break, which finished well over an hour and 20 minutes ago. Now his giant stack of 180,000 - around 80,000 more than anyone else - sits proud but unattended at the table. Only the dealer taking off an ante every hand, and the blinds every orbit, disturbs it.

Repik is no stranger to big tournaments, and has clearly taken the view that you cannot win an event on Day 1, so his work is done for the night. He'll no doubt now be getting some extra rest that could prove very useful in the days ahead. This, after all, is a marathon not a sprint.

And that will please others at his table no end, perhaps sick of him running over the table. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown sits on the direct left of the empty chair, but he is not fairing as well as the green-cushioned piece of furniture. Brown has around 12,000, and while having position on the big stack would normally be good (if the big stack was there), Repik is a shrewd Russian businessman and not one to give away his profit easily (if he was there).


Alex Repik before he disappeared


Repik's empty chair holds fort

Repik has cashed in only one event before now, but he chose quite a significant tournament in which to do it. It was the EPT Grand Final High Roller in Madrid last May, where he finished sixth for $107,000. The result was as startling as his final table white shirt, ironed so much its creases would have cut through an elephant.

Incidentally, that high roller event was won by someone you may have heard of - Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier. Runner-up that day was Benny Spindler, but he did not have any of Repik's chair's run good today... he's out.

EDIT: Chad Brown is now out
EDIT EDIT: Repik has now returned, a couple of hours late - and promptly added another 70,000 to his stack. He has 250,000.