PCA 2012: Everyone's here, we're ready to play


The Super High Rollers were supposed to start at 12 noon but, as hinted at yesterday, these guys aren't exactly sticklers for prompt starts and an hour ticked by before the stage looked anything like ready; the eight finalists, the floor staff and TV crew waiting patiently for someone somewhere to give them the all clear.

While the crowd waited quietly the players were each preparing in their own way.
Scott Seiver, Daniel Negreanu and Galen Hall laughed and joked about something, all three of them, and Mike McDonald, upgrading their dress to smart casual today in pressed shirts. McDonald even wears a jacket.

All eyes on the final table

They seemed the most relaxed. Humberto Brenes didn't say much and sipped periodically from a bottle of $5 water. Jonathan Duhamel, looking small at what is an oversized table, grinned a little but let the others do the talking while Dan Shak looked like he was happy to let the kids have their fun.

Viktor Blom said nothing, his head resting on his hand. He'd been the last to arrive, looking like a man who'd been working late.

The line up for today's final

Finally it was time to go. Card caller Robbie Thompson, himself dressed well in a beige pinstriped suit, took to the microphone, his weapon of choice, to introduce the players.

Brenes was first, Thompson growling his surname and Brenes doffing his visor in return. Negreanu was pronounced Neg-ran-AWE, to polite applause. McDonald squirmed as he was introduced while next up Blom grinned as if this was all a big joke.

Play has now begun with blinds of 8,000-16,000 and a 2,000 ante.