PCA 2012: Going whole hog at The Poop Deck

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg"We've only got one hog," the lady said.

The five people in front of her leaned closer and asked her to repeat herself.

"We've only got one hog," she said again.

She stood at the edge of the table, support stockings on her legs, and a serving tray propped against her waist. Asking her age would've been rude. Her skin--the color of lightly-creamed coffee--didn't give away the secret. Only her eyes made it clear that the woman had been waiting tables for as long as some of her customers had been alive.

"One hog," we mused. It might have been a crisis but for the conch fritters, stuffed mushrooms, and fried calamari we had already ordered.

Ten minutes and a Kalik beer before this moment, we'd walked in the doors of The Poop Deck, a place that proclaims at its entrance, "There is no other place near this place like this place. So...this must be the place."

The hog in question was no pig, but rather the gigantic red snapper we saw on ice as we crossed the barrier between the front entrance bar and the restaurant seating area. A hog snapper is as big as they come and is probably enough for two men.


"One hog and two regulars are fine," we agreed. The waitress walked away slowly, like she still carried he weight of every hog she'd served in her many years. We drank our beer.


This is the eighth time the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has made Atlantis and Paradise Island its home. The resort has just about every option for food you could want, but if you haven't visited The Poop Deck, you've not yet experienced Nassau.

In 1972, two best friends bought a little bar on the edge of the Nassau marina and named it The Poop Deck. Forty years later, the place still stands as one of the island's most notable stops for a bite or a drink. Or, indeed, a hog. The fish doesn't get much fresher.


The Poop Deck is a casual joint with plastic chairs, celebrity pictures on the wall, and cold beer on tap. Like most places in the islands, the service is a bit slow, but the food makes up for the wait. What's more, it's as close as you can get to Paradise Island without actually being on the island. The cab ride across the bridge takes just five minutes. It's the perfect getaway without having to get away too far.


If you're wondering what happened with the hog, we left it to the experienced server to decide which of us got it. For reasons that could range from 1) He's the boss to 2) He looked more hungry, the waitress served the hog snapper to our Simon Young. We're happy to report, he conquered the beast.


Simon's meal before


Simon's meal after

If you're among the lucky people who will be here over the next week and you want to try out the Poop Deck, just ask any cab driver at Atlantis and they will get you there quickly. And if you need a dinner date, we at the PokerStars Blog would be happy to go for another hog.