PCA 2012: Horizons new for Thurman and Becker

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgIf you take a look at Team PokerStars Online player Kevin Thurman's profile page you'll read about a man turning his back on his regular job to find a new challenge with which to liven up his career. Thurman, who plays under the name 'WizardOfAhhs' found an answer by turning to a hobby of his, poker, realising that opportunities galore were waiting for him.

Maybe you could say the same about another player sharing his table - Boris Becker.
Okay, there are a few caveats to that account. Thurman came from the finance world while Becker came from the sporting one. Thurman began with a $500 deposit on PokerStars while Becker signed up to become an ambassador for the largest poker company in the world.

Boris Becker

Thurman set an online record in 2010 for the highest amount of VPPs in VIP Club History, while Becker set a record for being the youngest Wimbledon tennis champion in history. On being obliged to move to Canada Thurman decided that if he had to move he'd move into a mansion. Becker probably had a nice house to begin with.

Kevin Thurman

Both took their seats for day one of the Main Event from entirely different perspectives.
For Thurman -- whose house (which you can see pictures of here) is enough to make you get down on your knees and ask yourself why the hell you chose to study Media in college -- this is a chance to make a big impression on a big stage, a first big live result to enhance a reputation already cemented online.

For Becker, this is a chance to leave an impression on a second field of endeavour.
It may be a something of a cliché for sports stars to look elsewhere after their career ends for a new source of excitement, in which case Becker was just one in a long line when he signed up in 2008.

Needless to say there were sceptics who doubted the merits of this sporting megastar taking a seat against the world's best players, using nothing more than the poker skills developed in the rain-delayed dressing rooms of places like Wimbledon, Roland-Garros, Flushing Meadow and the Rod Laver Arena (well maybe not that one).

But Becker has shown signs of progress and prowess. Looking for a new adventures, Kevin Thurman turned his back on what he'd done to see what he could do. Now less of an amateur enthusiast Becker looks and plays like an accomplished player, having tried to do the same.