PCA 2012: Leaving empty handed


If you want to see what disappointment looks like, take a look at Scott Seiver. This is now impossible of course. Seiver was in no mood to stick around after his elimination in sixth pace, the last place to finish in the Super High Roller that comes with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Humberto Brenes had departed to appreciative cheers, the Costa Rican having been able to hide whatever disappointment he was feeling behind the mask of a clown. There was no circus performance from Mike McDonald, but he left smiling and pragmatic. Perhaps it was better to miss the money by two places rather than one.

But for Seiver, his process of elimination looked tragic, not for any unfairness at the table or cruel twist of fate, but in what it obviously meant to Seiver who had been fortunate enough to find pocket jacks, but unfortunate enough to see Galen Hall calling with kings.

Scott Seiver under pressure

Seiver looked distressed as he waited for the board, like he had sensed something bad was going to happen and now could actually see it. There came nothing on the flop to stop it and Seiver did his best not to let his emotions show. But ironically this made him look like a man trying too hard not to let his emotions show, and his disappointment was soon flowing freely. His face dropped when the turn missed him as well. The blank river sent him out in sixth.

Seiver managed a smile and shook hands with the other players, Hall chatting to him briefly. But he was soon gone, leaving the tournament room in a hurry and without looking back.

This is an event with a big prize tag but one that bestows swagger and acclaim on those taking part. They play as if the money doesn't matter, and for the most part it may not. But only for the most part.