PCA 2012: Letting the cards do the talking


Victor Ramdin and Jude Ainworth sit just one table apart, both well chipped with 90,000 and 80,000 respectively. Both players are well known for playing styles that live on the wild side of town. Ainsworth seems to possess a pathological hatred of folding. The Irishman, who has enjoyed prodigious success online under his j.thaddeus alter-ego, must have one of the highest VPIP stats in the live game. The number of pots he opens is terrifying and he's not afraid of making a call in or out of position either. Whatever he's doing he always does it quietly, wraparound shades strapped to his face. Perhaps the glasses control the man, Ainsworth a puppet doing the bidding of those dark glasses.

pca_day 1a_jude ainsworth.jpg

Jude 'j.thaddeus' Ainsworth

Ramdin, a fellow Team PokerStars Pro, also likes to get involved but has also shown some prodigious laydowns to back up that aggression in the past. Unlike Ainsworth, this is a player who doesn't usually keep to himself. In fact, the American's table is usually one of the loudest. Ramdin, who has $3,597,156 in live tournament winnings, is a motormouth at the table and always gets everyone else talking, laughing and joking. Usually. Today, perhaps fatigued by the post-dinner slump, Ramdin is silent, one elbow resting on the table, his chin resting in the up-turned palm of his hand.

pca_day 1a_victor ramdin.jpg

Victor Ramdin

Perhaps Ramdin feels there's no edge to be had by getting his opponent's warmed up, maybe it's too much effort, it is Day 1A after all. The mission is to get some chips, avoid getting yourself knocked and move through to Day 2 where the real work begins. Or maybe Ramdin's just been watching the man in the shades, who bombs a J♦T♦A♠ flop to take the pot away from two beleaguered opponents yet again.