PCA 2012: Liv Boeree, the lady from Kent

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgAmong the sea of Twitter and other assorted social media outpourings from players during a large-scale tournament like this, one in particular jumped out as warranting further investigation.

"Moved to the feature table. Got the drunkest Norwegian ever to my left singing 'lady from Kent' and telling seat 3 he has tiny teeth."

This was Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree (the one Tweeting, not the drunken Norwegian), who had found herself sat next to a gentleman who had either enjoyed the most fantastic lunch, or who had not even been to bed from the night before. The small-toothed man was David Bach, incidentally, although his molars look perfectly normal to me.

david_ bach_pca_1a.JPG

David Bach

A trip to the table in question revealed the man in seat two, to Boeree's left, was indeed from Norway; it was written on his underpants that had been exposed by low-hitched jeans. I believe the kids call it fashionable.

It takes all sorts to make up a tournament field, and there's nothing that says someone who is a little tipsy can't take part. Of course, common sense prevails if things turn nasty or heated, or if the player is spilling drinks all over the place.

Turns out this player is a jolly type, the sort you may be happy to share a bar with (if no one else was about), and he is now on the black coffee in an attempt to wake up a little before play ends for the night.


Liv Boeree, a lady from Kent

Another tweet arrives from Boeree...

"Lol drunk Norwegian just called me dominant and has declared my nickname from now on is 'xxxxx-xx girl'."

The x's are there for a reason, ladies and gentlemen, but it certainly raised a smile on media row.

Anyway, on to the actual poker; it's why we're really here. Along with Boeree on 40,000, and Bach on 34,000, the table is also the home of French Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern, who has been cruising all day at high altitude, now up to 184,000 and likely good for the chip lead right now.


Arnaud Mattern