PCA 2012: Nitsche challenging the kings of cashing


A list was released a little while back by that website which lists live winnings, you know the one, showing the most internationally prolific tournament players. This was not a celebration of value but of intercontinental vigour, totalling the number of countries in which individual players have cashed. Topping the charts with 22 countries is Marcel Luske, now certainly earning his nickname 'The Flying Dutchman'. While his is an impressive achievement, Casey Kastle's weighing in second place is an unsurprising one given that it is almost impossible to kill Kastle off before bubble-bursting takes place.

However, the name that really leaps out for inspection is that of Dominik Nitsche who sits in fifth place with 17 nations conquered.

pca_day 1a_dominic nitsche.jpg

Dominik Nitsche: international man of mystery poker

Nitsche, unlike Luske and Kastle, has not been playing poker for umpteen years. The 21-year-old has scored success in 17 different nations in just two-and-a-half years, and that makes him a very busy boy. It's no shock to find out that Nitsche spends, as he admits, 'most of' his time on the road.

The German planted his own flag upon the poker landscape by claiming a LAPT title in Argentina for $381,030, his largest win to date. Nitsche has since added another 32 live cashes to his name, racking up $1,264,672 in the process, and is confident that he'll be top of that list soon.

"I'm going to win that one, for sure. I haven't got a Bahamas flag, that's one. I don't have a English flag or a American one and I'm going to Macau later in the year. That's four," said Nitsche who shortly stuck his last 3,000 (four big blinds) across the line from the small blind over an early position raise.

pca_day 1a_bahamas drum.jpg

Will Nitsche pick up a Bahamas flag this this week?

Nitsche shrugged as he was shown A♣J♦ to his Q♦J♠ but the board ran out 9♠5♥6♠T♣8♠ to double the young German up. He gathered in his chip stack, now a little more effective with eight big blinds. He might yet get that Bahamian flag. Either way, you can expect to see him back here next year.