PCA 2012: On the Super High bubble


It's taken just 35 minutes to lose two players from the final table, leaving six. We're on the bubble.

If this wasn't already obvious you could also take the increase in the level of laughter as a sign that financial compensation as on the way, Daniel Negreanu and Scott Seiver enjoying the most of it, although of the pair only Negreanu has the chips to take it easy.

First to go was Humberto Brenes. The Costa Rican got his short stack in the middle against Galen Hall, needing an ace to topple Hall's pocket jacks. Brenes immediately began his routine, moving toy sharks across the table as if directing armies and calling with all his might for an ace on the flop.

Humberto Brenes

When it didn't emerge he tried again on the turn. Nothing. One last cry of ""Ace!" on the river but the board came up empty for Brenes, who got a cheer and a laugh as he growled into the waiting camera. He didn't look like a man who'd fallen three places short of $250,900.

Soon after Mike McDonald's tournament life was on the line, moving in with king-jack against Viktor Blom's ace-jack.

McDonald sat grinning before and after a king hit the flop. Blom meanwhile looked on unmoved, while his friends on the rail, watching the monitor while a camera man zeroed in a few inches away, were on tenterhooks. They were delighted when the ace hit the river.

McDonald left the stage, graciously shaking hands with his opponents. Funnily enough, he didn't look like a man who had just lost $100,000 either.

He exited the stage right and into the focus of a post-match interview. In the background Daniel Negreanu was laughing about something.