PCA 2012: Potential Happiness

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgThink of a child on a swing. He's kicked, pushed, and kicked himself with such joy that he is now as high in the air as the swing will take him. Now, stop the video. There the boy is, suspended above the air in that sweet spot that--when you finally un-pause the screen--will result in the highest, most perfect swing on the playground.

Stored in that motion is something physicists call "potential energy." Me? I call it Potential Happiness. It's the moment at which we have the greatest opportunity to feel that warm surge of life that results in the world's purest smile. Within the next few minutes, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will experience this phenomenon.

We are mere minutes away from the bubble, the time at which the PCA has its greatest potential energy and its greatest potential happiness. When it happens just a few eliminations from now, we will witness something in the physics of happiness that will account for the best moment of the year in the Bahamas.

Tournament area_2012 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_GIR6496.jpg

Potential Happiness on the bubble

Just before the bubble bursts at the 160 player point, it will mark the time at which the most people are truly happy. At no point between now and next year will a group of PokerStar devotees be so potentially happy at exactly the same time. At that exact moment, every one of those people will be on the cusp of making $15,000. When the bubble bursts, that happiness will explode across the room. No matter how experienced they are, no matter how much money they have, there will be at least a little happiness in every player. Every one.

After that, there won't be another time in the tournament in which there isn't someone who is sorely unhappy. The time of Potential Happiness will have passed.

Now that time is near. With 161 players we stand on the brink of the PCA's Potential Happiness zenith.

Let's go enjoy it, shall we?