PCA 2012: Rebuy! Wait. What?

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgIn a room where people are playing a $100,000 buy-in tournament, the floorman doesn't need a microphone to be heard. Oh, sure, there is a lot of chitchat, but the Super High Roller event is a quiet one, and announcements aren't hard to hear. The most recent message was one that we didn't expect to have such meaning.

"Registration is officially closed," said the floorman.

In a $100,000 buy-in tournament, that announcement (some five hours into play) normally wouldn't mean anything. That is, almost everybody who is going to play an event that big won't be running in at the last minute to register. What's more, even if re-entry is available, how many people are actually going to bust out and drop another $100,000 on the spot?

The answer is, apparently, two.

Jonathan Duhamel was very first person to bounce from the Super High Roller. Everyone issued a collective sigh on his behalf. The kid has had a tough couple of months, and missing out on this event was just another brick in an ever-growing wall of misfortune. It just didn't seem fair. We thought all of this for just long enough to see Duhamel find another $98,500 (no juice on re-entries!), draw his original seat, and get back to work.


Jonathan Duhamel in the $100,000 Super High Roller

Well, we thought, he is the one-time WSOP Main Event champion. It's not as if the guy doesn't have the scratch to drop another six figures on a single tournament. So, that's that. A little anomaly in the poker world, a rebuy in a $100,000 event. It will be a fun story to tell our friends, but one not soon repeated.

Well, not exactly. Because there was Bill Perkins who was eliminated just a few minutes later and immediately bought back in, too.

Now, there's a chance you might be saying, Bill Who? You could be forgiven, because the entrepreneur and venture capitalist from Texas doesn't have much in the way of poker results. Like...none. But one thing Perkins does have is lots and lots of money. He's the type of guy who can make more than a million in a couple of days and give it away to prove a point. That said, he likes poker, has appeared on The Big Game, and showed up here to play one of the biggest buy-in poker tournaments on the planet. So...yeah. Rebuy for the rich guy from Texas.


Bill Perkins

That was the extent of it, but the two rebuys alone were enough to have people smiling a "look at those crazy high rollers" smile.

In a normal world where extra money actually can buy happiness, both Duhamel and Perkins would have made the end of this first day of play. But this isn't a normal world. This is a $100,000 buy-in poker tournament in the Caribbean's biggest resort. There is nothing normal about this.

And hence, Bill Perkins' exit is one of those things that just happens. In this case, it happened at the hands of Jonathan Duhamel, when they both flopped top-pair but Duhamel had Perkins out-kicked. Perkins is gone, Duhamel is the chip leader, and so the world turns.

In all, thirty players signed up for this event. Two people signed up twice, for a grand total of 32 entries. Only the top five players will get paid. Here's how it breaks down:

1. $1,254,400
2. $846,700
3. $470,400
4. $313,600
5. $250,900

And look at that! If Jonathan Duhamel manages a min-cash, he'll still earn more than $50,000 for a couple of days work.