PCA 2012: Repik's long repast & Day 1A chip lead

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgThere is one certain way to make sure you don't squander your chip lead after a healthy repast. You simply don't come back from dinner. This is the strategy employed by Russian businessman Alex Repik on Day 1A of the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. Repik, most famous in the poker world for making the final table of the EPT Madrid High Roller last year, turned his 30,000 starting stack into 150,000 before the 75-minute dinner break.

Then he left for nearly three hours.

Odd? Yes. Effective? Apparently. Shortly after Repik returned, he had 250,000 in front of him. There was no way anyone was catching him before the end of the night. By the time the chips went in the bag, the runaway Russian was good for 220,100.

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Paging Mr. Repik

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Oh! There you are!

When we began Day 1A, we watched the masses file in with a singular purpose. When everyone was in their seats, the official list of entrants had 418 names on it. Half of those people got here by way of PokerStars satellites, including PokerStars 10th Anniversary freeroll winner Stephen Dunnett. Some were dead money, some were live ones, some were the best in the game. It's the perfect recipe for the perfect poker tournament.

As you might have seen, this PCA was the debut of our new live reporting system. All day long, we offered live hand updates and up-to-date chip counts. Meanwhile, we found many a story along the way. Chris Moneymaker suffered food poisoning to start his day (he survived, but his stack did not). The members of Team Online were ready to file restraining orders against eager stalkers. Meanwhile, we investigated the contents of the PCA player bags, the whereabouts of one of 2011's big finishers, the playing styles of some Team Pros, and how a man who can play 42 games at once handles playing just one table.

As it all happened, Team PokerStars Pros Christian de Leon, Pat Pezzin, Victor Ramdin, Jude Ainsworth, and more worked their way up the leaderboard and will be headed to Day 2 on Monday with big stacks.


Christian de Leon on Day 1A of the PCA main event

Lost in the madness today were several PokerStars stalwarts, including Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker, Chad Brown, and Theo Jorgensen. While their main events ended early, there are 41 poker tournaments during this festival, so the early eliminations won't be without something to do.


Theo Jorgensen back in happier times

For a full recap of all the big hands from the day, check out our PCA Main Event live updates page.

That's all a lot to digest, but if you're looking for the biggest story of the PCA so far, you should be on your way to our reports on Viktor Blom winning the PCA $100,000 Super High Roller event for $1.25 million.

When we come back on Sunday, we'll be here to do it all again, bigger and better than today. PCA organizers are expecting many more people to show up for Day 1B and its noon ET start tomorrow.

Just as we did today, we will be back for Day 1B with a full array of live updates, interviews, features, and more. Join us here for it all beginning at noon tomorrow.

Until then, goodnight from Atlantis.