PCA 2012: The malady of captain Babak Malekain

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgTwo-thirds of the way through play yesterday it was brought to our attention that one chair had been vacant since noon. That stack, which started at 136,000, had slowly eroded in a sea of blinds as its captain, Babak Malekain, who had been struck down by a terrible sickness, failed to appear on deck.

Malekain couldn't leave his cabin, a vicious stomach bug flooring him, leaving his stack to blind away. He was literally spewing chips. That was yesterday. Today Malekain is at the wheel, his starting 56,000 now a paltry 14 big blinds, unlike the 136 big blinds that he would have had yesterday morning.

"I don't have much, it's not looking good," said Malekain, still looking a little pale, presumably talking about his tournament life rather than his corporeal body.

pca_day 3_babak malekain.jpg

Babak Malekain

His fellow short stacks should be applauding the fortitude of the Swede, had he not arrived today there could have been some brutal bubble abuse applied as his stack blinded out. As it is, Malekain is in the swell, caught between the fierce waves of EPT Season 7's online qualifier of the year Martin Jacobson on his right and WCOOP high roller champ Ash Mason on his left. It's an unpleasant and sickening place to be.

So far Malekain's attendance today has merely been ceremonial, him placing his blinds and antes into the middle rather than the dealer. His stack has continued to dwindle, now down to 42,500, as others, notably Mason, continue to pull away.

Malekain, still green about the gills, sails on. Seven more until the money. Hand for hand starting shortly.

Malakein bust just before the money losing out with [a][j] to [a][8] all-in pre-flop. A horrible end to a terrible couple of days.