PCA 2012: Two world champs and a McLovin

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgWhat is McLovin doing playing in the $25,000 High Roller? Hold on one second, that's not McLovin, that's Noah Schwartz, winner of the $5,000 PLO turbo side event of last week. But it does look like him, so much so he's even wearing a McLovin t-shirt.

If you don't know who McLovin is, well, you're missing out. The character from SuperBad was a teenage hero: a ludicrous and unbelievable alter-ego adopted through fake ID by a young geek called Fogel. Schwartz, a talkative and somewhat excitable player, must have realised that there was no point fighting it. He's embraced McLovin and so far he's embraced the High Roller seeming happier than most to get involved in pots.

pca_hr 1_noah schwartz.jpg

Noah Schwartz: aka McLovin

Schwartz is currently sat in seat four where his 45,000 stack holds position over two World Champs in form; Joe Cada in seat one, who won a $2,000 side event for $175,550, and Jonathan Duhamel, who finished fourth in the $100,000 Super High Roller then took down a $5,000 side event for another $239,830.

pca_hr 5_duhamel.jpg

Jonathan Duhamel: a world champ

pca_hr 1_joe cada.jpg

Joe Cada: another world champ

Cada is stacked up with 85,000, Duhamel with a top ten stack of 230,000, but still Schwartz wants to play, now with a little more than 20 big blinds.

Cada: "Hey kid, what's your real name?"
Schwartz: "Schwartz... It's Schwartz."
Duhamel: "Schwartz? F*** that, we're calling you McLovin!"*

Ah, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin.

*This conversation never took place, more's the pity. It's a parody of a scene from SuperBad.