PCA 2013: Soldiering on, going to PCA for free (again)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgFormer soldier Steve "Roversfan95" Westlund has done it again - winning himself a seat to the PCA for the second year running via PokerStars' Mega-Path satellite series.

Steve, who was in the British Army for 23 years and served all over the world including Belfast, the first Gulf War and Bosnia, had never played any major live events before the 2012 PCA - but managed to finish 85th for $25,000 after winning his seat for just 70 FPPs.

Now he has pulled off the unthinkable and won a trip to next January's 2013 PCA as well, for only 500 FPPs. Steve won his $16,000 prize package in Sunday night's Mega-Path Final Round. Steve is one of five players who have now already secured their trip to the Bahamas via the Mega-Path series, including serial qualifier Calvin Anderson who was the first to qualify back in April.

As well as his Main Event buy-in, Steve (and his fellow Mega-Path winners) also get a week's accommodation at the amazing Atlantis Casino, plus travel and spending money. A total of 29 players won Mega-Path seats to the 2012 PCA, and several cashed, winning more than $100,000 between them.


Buy that man a beer! He's going to the PCA again...for free...again!

Steve, who now works as a heating engineer for a housing association and has two grown-up children, has been playing poker for around nine years. His 2012 PCA win in January was by far the biggest of his poker-playing career.

He said: "The cash from the PCA has been put to very good use! The kids both tapped me for a few quid and my wife Rita and I have been to Barcelona and Dublin and also have a trip planned in November."


The latest batch of Mega Path qualifiers for the 2013 PCA are now up and running on PokerStars.com with Round 1 satellites starting from just 4 FPPs.

A total of 29 players won their seats to this year's PCA via PokerStars' Mega-Path satellites, some for as little as 20 FPPs. Not only did that give them a trip to the Bahamas worth more $15,000 but quite a few of them made the money. Mega-Path qualifiers cashed for more than $100,000 this year - including British ex-soldier Steve Westlund who qualified for only 70 FPPs and came 85th for $25,000.

Players can work their way up through the levels, all the way to Round 8 where the $16,000 packages await, or skip some of the lower rounds by entering at a higher level for more FPPs. Each package includes buy-in to the $10,300 Main Event, nine nights' accommodation at the Atlantis Resort, $1,099 to spend on travel expenses and a further $1,125 to spend on food and drink at the event.

To find the Mega Path qualifiers, log-in to the PokerStars client and click 'Events' > 'PCA' > 'FPP Satellites'. For more information about the satellites, go to the PCA website.