PCA 2013: Veteran secrets

As you're probably aware by this point, PokerStars is about to host its tenth PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. This one and the eight that came before it happened in the vast and luxurious confines of Atlantis, the sprawling and nearly all-encompassing resort on Paradise Island. I've been there for every one. I've eaten at nearly every restaurant, sampled nearly every drink, and eaten enough conch chowder and conch fritters to qualify for Bahamian citizenship.

There is a lot you should know about Atlantis if you plan to go, and there is no way I have time to put it all down in writing today. But, if you're already starting to think ahead, here are a few secrets that you won't learn in your guidebook.


Sounds terrible, doesn't it? It's not. The Poop Deck is one of the more popular restaurants in the area. It's a long walk or a short cab ride over the bridge (more on that in a second) from Paradise Island to Nassau. It doesn't look like much on the outside or inside, but if you're looking for fresh-out-of-the-water fish, you're not going to go wrong there. If you're feeling very particular, you can choose your own snapper as you walk in the door!

For more, you can see: Going whole hog at the Poop Deck


Your recently-live Poop Deck menu


About that bridge...yes, it's not the easiest climb in all of the Bahamas. I've walked it. I've run it. Neither is particularly fun, but it's not far, either. It won't take you terribly long to get from one side to the other. If you don't mind a fairly steep up and down, you'll be fine. A word of warning, however. If you happen to make this trip on your way to the Poop Deck, stay clear of too many Kalik's (more on that in a second), otherwise you're probably going to want to take a cab home. (And there is no shame in that).

For more about what happens on the other side of the bridge, read: You're free to leave.

Atlantis Bridge_2.jpg

One of the two bridges that connect Nassau to Paradise Island


About that beer...yes, you should know a few things in advance. Kalik is a beer native to the Bahamas, and if you are into the occasional lager, you will probably develop a taste for it before long. There are several varieties from which to choose. The "light" version comes in at 4% ABV. The standard Kalik will give you a 5% kick. It's the Kalik Gold you have to worry about. At 7%, Kalik Gold (which comes with an "Extra Strength" warning) should come with instructions . Keep it in mind if you have a tournament to play the next day.

And while we don't recommend this at all, Kalik O'Clock is a thing.


Stick with regular strength for an easier wake-up call


Unlike a fairly well-known tournament in Las Vegas over the summer, you will not have much a problem finding a place to use the restroom. There are two men's rooms and two women's rooms within a 30-second walk of the tournament room (One near the rotunda and one in the back). If you have a little bit more time and inclination, you can walk just a little bit farther and go to the restrooms in the Beach Tower (across from the gift shop) or next to the Chinese restaurant and the dolphin fountains. There are also two secret bathrooms near the other convention hall if the doors leading into it aren't locked.

But know this...if you don't wash your hands, we're watching.

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