PCA 2013: A tremendous win for Alexander Treimanis in the nightly PCA $300 turbo

Alexander Treimanis took the trophy and largest chunk of the cash in last night's $300 turbo beating Waldemar Fiala heads-up. Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor booked a fifth place finish... No, wait, it was Juan Martin Pastor from Argentina.

PCA 2013 event #33
Date: 12 January
Buy-in: $300
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 115
Prize pool: $30,120


Alexander Treimanis

1. Alexander Treimanis, USA, $6,623*
2. Waldemar Fiala, Czech Republic, $6,467*
3. Marco Oliveira, Brazil, $5,950*
4. Abilio Ribeiro, Portugal, $2,560
5. Juan Martin Pastor, Argentina, $2,040
6. Gerardo Jose Isaaccura Cancinez, Venezuela, $1,500
7. Michael Mannaerts, Belgium, $1,200
8. Gabor Farkas, Hungary, $900
9. Matthew Scuffi, Italy, $760
10. Kyle Menne, Canada, $760
11. Katharina May, Germany, $680
12. Calen McNeil, Canada, $680

*Denotes a three-way deal was made.

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