PCA 2013: Alexis Gilbard tops the $300 turbo, beats Baumstein into third

Scott Baumstein has notched up $1,202,608 in live tournaments so while you might not have expected him to play a $300 turbo once he final tables you'd probably put your money on him. Baumstein, who final tabled the Bounty Shootout here two years ago, had to settle for third and a nice bankroll boost of $5,260 while victory went to one of the three women at the final table: Alexis Gilbard.

Gilbard, a former Poker News reporter and Jonathan Aguiar's partner, took the $16,230 first place prize for a career best live score.

PCA 2013 event #22
Date: 10 January
Buy-in: $300
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 217
Prize pool: $56,830


Alexis Gilbard

1. Alexis Gilbard, USA, $16,230
2. Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, $9,000
3. Scott Baumstein, USA, $5,260
4. Judith Bubarth, USA, $4,040
5. Per Micael Emanuelsson, Sweden, $3,300
6. Jan Combes, UK, $2,620
7. Michael Mannaerts, Belgium, $1,980
8. Aroldo Fioroni, Switzerland, $1,480
9. Konstantin Fedotov, Russian Federation, $1,140
10. Nicholas Blumenthal, Mexico, $1,140
11. Jacob Soriano, USA, $1,020
12. Bela Toth, Hungary, $1,020
13. Christian Jenner, Germany, $900
14. Travis Wigle, Canada, $900
15. Alexander Gambino, USA, $800
16. Oksana Jancevic, Canada, $800
17. Lawrence O'Brien, Canada, $680
18. Alexis Moreno Santeliz, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of, $680
19. Elia Gallo, USA, $680
20. Paulo Ribas, Brazil, $680
21. Caio Pessagno, Brazil, PokerStars Team Online, $620
22. Raul Alverez, Peru, $620
23. David Kolmberger, Germany, $620
24. Robbertjan Suwerink, Netherlands, $620


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