PCA 2013: Christopher Frank wins the turbo bounty, Lodden finals again

Johnny Lodden may not have had much success in the PCA Main Event but at least he's made two side event final tables. The Norwegian Team PokerStars Pro won $60,820 in a turbo the night before finishing runner-up to Mike Telker. He adds $13,080 to his PCA haul.

In terms of PCA booty, however, turbo winner Christopher Frank scored his largest live cash of his career raking in a large $55,720 pay day (and that's not even taking into account the bounties claimed, which were worth $1,000 a pop).

PCA 2013 event #13
Date: 8 January
Buy-in: $1000+$1000+$150
Game: NLHE turbo bounty
Players: 208
Prize pool: $195,520


Christopher Frank

1. Christopher Frank, Germany, $55,720
2. Rachid Ben Cherif, Netherlands, $30,980
3. Jack Schanbacher, United States, $18,080
4. Johnny Lodden, Norway, $13,880
5. Simon Boss, Switzerland, $11,340
6. Mathieu Clavet, Canada, $9,000
7. Johannes Jansen, Netherlands, $6,840
8. Bela Toth, Hungary, $5,080
9. Kenneth Hicks, United States, $3,920
10. Natasha Barbour, Canada, $3,920
11. Vitor Coelho, United States, $3,520
12. Andrew Badecker, United States, $3,520
13. Jason Wheeler, United States, $3,120
14. Eric Afriat, Canada, $3,120
15. William Ezzo, United States, $2,740
16. Jenner Sant`Anna, Brazil, $2,740
17. Simon Mattsson, Sweden, $2,340
18. Joey Weissman, Canada, $2,340
19. William Johnson, United States, $2,340
20. Gregory Roberts, United States, $2,340
21. Dorian Rios, Venezuela, $2,160
22. John Sitton, United States, $2,160
23. Ryan Julius, United States, $2,160
24. Francesco Grieco, Italy, $1,080*
25. Miguel Drayer, Venezuela, $1,080*

*Denotes a deal was made

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