PCA 2013: Cody in his natural three-betting habitat

Jake Cody yesterday joined Team PokerStars Pro and we waxed lyrical about him then: Triple Crown this, SCOOP that and five-bet jamming the other. Today it's back to the fundamentals. Win more pots than you lose. Make your winning pots larger than your losing ones. Do it consistently. Go deep. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed when you flip.

Cody is trying just that. He's knocked someone out with aces to chip up to 115,000, but has since slid back to around 90,000. He's made back-to-back under-the-gun raises (one successful, one not so much) and got involved in one large pot against Shawn Buchanan and Daniel Ades.


Jake Cody (hoodie, red) and Marvin Rettenmaier (t-shirt, terrible)

Buchanan opened from middle position to 2,600 (with the blinds at 600-1200) and Ades called on the button. Cody, sitting on the big blind, calmly and slowly pulled out a three-bet to 8,500 and pushed it forward. Buchanan never looked like folding, his hand instantly moving to chips. He made the call. Ades found himself nicely priced in and also made the call.

Cody slowly rapped the table with his knuckles to check the 3♦J♥8♥ flop. The others followed in suit. The 9♠ turn was of enough interest for Cody to lead 14,800, but equally of enough interest for Buchanan and Ades to make the call as it went three-way to the river.

The 7♠ hit the river and Ades looked very interested - as it turns out it was a balance of interest and concern. Cody checked, Buchanan bet 25,100 and Ades - after looking back and forth between Cody and Buchanan several time - made the call.

Cody, after much deliberation passed his hand. Buchanan showed J♦Q♦ but Ades took the pot with a backdoored low straight with 5♥6♥ boosting the Argentine up to 230,000. It's not going to be the last time that these three get busy but one gets the feeling that a big hand may play out between Cody and Ades before the day is out.

And now why not watch this interview and learn about his smooth playa' ways...

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