PCA 2013: Cody's naked ambition pays off with the ducks

You may know by now that Jake Cody is the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro, and if you don't, well, you've obviously not be reading this blog. Getting sponsored doesn't guarantee you success or fortune but those getting patched tend to be among the players that will gun for it as is their life depended on it. "Who Dares Wins" and all that.

Jake Cody is sat plum in the middle of the TV table, nestled between WSOP and WCOOP winner Greg "FBT" Mueller (Canadian, large) and Eureka High Roller Guillame Rivet (Canadian, not so large). He had not many chips: 96,000 for 12 big blinds. Now, two shoves later, he has 236,000 for close to 30 big blinds and a lot more breathing space.


Cody at the TV table next to Guillame Rivet

The first shove was from the button into Patrick Kelly who made a grumbling 'Next time" fold. The second shove came a few hands later from middle position. Jeremy Kottler was in the big blind and took a while to call and when he did he found he was a long way ahead. Kottler held a pair of sevens, Cody looked understandably disappointed with his pocket twos.


Patrick 'next time' Kelly

The queen-ten-eight flop was of no help and Cody slumped back knowing he was a lot more likely to bust than not (around 87% of the time). Then a deuce hit the turn. Cody sat up, pursed his lips into an inaudible "Oooo" and then quickly regained his composure, which he calls his 'game face'. The river blanked out and the Triple Crown winner doubled through.

Could Cody add first double EPT winner to fastest and youngest Triple Crown winner? You really shouldn't put it past him. Sixty players remain at the back end of Day 3.

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