PCA 2013: Day 1B set to be a memorable one

Know this: today is going to be one of those days at the PCA that we're going to remember. It's going to be one of those days that you hear about and say to your friends, "Hey, did you hear about...?"


Well, I can't say that officially right now. I'm bound by a code of silence, and I guarantee you there is at least one person with a blow gun in the curtains who will tranquilize me if I dare mention the good stuff.

But here's a preview:

There is going to be a new Team PokerStars Pro announced in just a moment.

There is going to be a really darned famous person playing in Day 1B.

We're expected a pretty darned big field.

For now, gaze upon these rows of official PCA chips and let your eyes go out of focus.


Keep tabs on our live coverage of the PCA main event where you're likely to learn the news first.

We'll be here throughout the day with a couple of big interviews and all the news that's fit for the Caribbean--which is pretty much anything.

Here's Rick Dacey and Sarah Grant with a preview:

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging