PCA 2013: Day 3 players on target for money bubble

There is an optimism in the air. Call it joie de vivre. Call it an endorphin rush from the breakneck run through Day 2. Call it what you will, but the Imperial Ballroom is feeling just a little bit more Imperial as we get set to embark on Day 3 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

That feeling will last about another half an hour. After that, we're going to watch a little more than two dozen people suffer the pain and humiliation of busting out on the money bubble of this 10th PCA main event. Our thoughts are with them.

That's right, dear friends. Sometime before dinner (and probably before lunch if history is any indication), we will hit the 144-player mark of the main event. That's where the money starts at $15,000 per head. From there, the money on gets bigger and the bust-outs only get tougher. There is $1.85 million up top, a golden dangling carrot that everyone on their way here still believes they can win.

Perhaps the most optimistic is Nicolas Godoy, last night's chip leader. As we begin today with an average stack of 178,373, Godot has more than 700,000.



Our eyes will also be on Fatima Moreira de Melo ad Eugene Katchalov as they fight out the PCA Last Longer challenge. They're joined in the Day 3 field by PokerStars' George Danzer, Tatiana Barausova, Jake Cody, George Lind, and Joe Cada. They all will have their eyes on the blue lights and soft chairs of the final table stage.


Tournament Director Mike Ward tells us he's planning to play five 90-minute levels today, which with 166 players remaining means we'll be in high cotton by day's end.

So for now...optimism! The bloodshed comes later.

You can follow it all on the PCA 2013 main event live coverage page.

For now, here's Rick Dacey and Sarah Grant with some thoughts for the day.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging