PCA 2013: Eugene Katchalov wins the $100 last longer bet

Did you choose Eugene Katchalov in the $100 bonus last longer? If so, you can celebrate for he is the last man standing thanks to the short stack bust out of Fatima Moreira de Melo just moments ago.

If you don't know what I'm banging on about then you must have missed out on the PCA last longer bet where you could have won $100 by picking your favourite pro, which you can read about here. Don't worry, there will be more competitions coming up on the PokerStars Blog.


Did Eugene Katchalov win you a hundred bucks?

Runner-up Moreira de Melo was down to just 21,000 (a smidgen over four big blinds) when the bubble burst. She told us that she hadn't expected to make the money having had ten big blinds or less for the last hour.

"I shouldn't have any chips," Moreira de Melo told moments before she in fact didn't have any chips.

New PokerStars Team Online member Tatiana Barausova had opened from early position and Moreira de Melo, fearing a tight range, flatted with ace-jack. Both players checked the ace-ten-ten flop, a blank six hit the turn which Moreira de Melo bet into. Barausova called and shoved the queen river. Moreira de Melo made the fold and was told by Barausova later that she held ace-queen.

"I'm freerolling," said Moreira de Melo.


Fatima snuck into the money

Well, yes, but not for long. She jammed her last few chips in under-the-gun with K♠8♠ and was called by Patrick Kelly in the big blind with Q♥Q♠ who promptly flopped a set.

Still, it's another cash for the former Dutch field hockey champion and she's certainly made those voting for Katchalov happy.

The last longer field
Eugene Katchalov is the last man standing
Fatima Moreira de Melo - Bust Day 3 for $15,000
Nacho Barbero - Bust Day 2
Liv Boeree - Bust Day 2
Ivan Demidov - Bust Day 2
Andre Akkari - Bust Day 2
Daniel Negreanu - Bust Day 2
Jason Mercier - Bust Day 1
ElkY- Bust Day 1
Vanessa Selbst- Bust Day 1
Jonathan Duhamel- Bust Day 1
Ike Haxton- Bust Day 1
Jan Hetimann - Bust Day 1
Mickey Petersen- Bust Day 1
Randy Lew - Bust Day 1

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