PCA 2013: Good day for Nicolas Godoy as Day 2 passes at warp speed

Near-earth asteroid Apophis is going to whiz by Earth tonight but it won't cause nearly the breeze as the second day of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event.

In an afternoon that hemorrhaged players like a razor-cut artery, Day 2 ended prematurely with Nicolas Godoy as the chip leader. He bagged up 724,200 in chips to carry to Day 3. He'll get a couple more hours sleep thanks to how fast the field fell apart today.


Nicolas Godoy

Godoy may be ready for sleep, but it was Day 2 chip leader Ashton Griffin who looked as if he needed a nap. Though Griffin had the overall lead to start the day, he also apparently had a bad case of the sleepies. By the fifth level of the day, Griffin was literally nodding off at the table. Griffin somehow survived with 123,900 and has another chance to get a good night's rest before returning to play tomorrow.

You'll be able to see a full list of the remaining players on our 2013 PCA main event live coverage section as soon as the information is available.


A slightly more awake Griffin

Not everyone was as fortunate as young Griffin.

In the fickle world of poker tournaments, there are fast days and fast fields. Sometimes those two supernatural forces come together to form a phenomenon that requires anyone in the vicinity to pull on the reigns and say, "Woah! Easy there, big fella."

When Day 2 of the 2013 PCA main event got underway, there were six levels of play on the schedule and 501 players in the field. By the dinner break, there were scarcely more than 200 people with chips. It was at that point someone shook his head ruefully and said, "We must put a stop to this carnage."

The decision came down that the day would be reduced by 90 minutes in deference to a quickly-approaching money bubble. As such, there are approximately 170 players left in the field, just a few short of the 144-player money bubble.

Among those departures was Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps who ran deep into the tournament, but busted a few dozen spots short of the cash.


Michael Phelps

But enough about the bloodshed.

Throughout the day, we've been keeping track of the PCA Team PokerStar Pro last longer, a contest that will continue until Day 3 with Eugene Katchalov and Fatmina Moreira de Melo finishing Day 2 with chips. They are the last couple of the select list who could win PokerStars players a few extra bucks for having a little faith in those two.

Joining them under the PokerStars flag will be George Danzer, Tatiana Barausova, Jake Cody, George Lind, and Joe Cada. All of them are in good shape to make some cash tomorrow.


Joe Cada


Tatiana Barausova


George Danzer


Jake Cody


George Lind

As this day closes early and we look forward to Day 3, take just a moment to look back on the furious blog production and what it wrought.

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  • Day 3 kicks off at noon at ET. Unless the near-earth asteroid veers off course tonight and slams into New Providence Island, we will be back here in the morning to see the players hit the money.

    Until then, keep your eye on the sky, or alternatively right here on the blog.

    We'll see you in the morning, asteroid Apophis willing.

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    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging