PCA 2013: In for the long haul

"Are we just playing one more level?" asked Jason Somerville.

No, two more he was told by the floorman. And you're coming back to resume play at noon tomorrow. Somerville did not look thrilled.

"So we're playing to 2.30am and then coming back at noon?" he asked.

Yes, that's about the extent of it.

"There's a million chips in play," said the floorman apologetically.

That's the rub. There are a lot of chips in play here, a lot more than a million. There's currently 9,700,000 on the tables which translates to 6,062 big blinds on level 10 (blinds of 800/1,600). Yeah, there's a lot of play left in this bad boy.


Jason Somerville and Antonio Esfandiari

Doing some shoddy maths - and approximating a 60 big blind starting stack for the final table - we should get to a final eight somewhere around level 22, which is handily marked on the structure as 'Tournament Directors Discretion'. That means another 11 level day tomorrow before we get to a final table.

This prescient statement is based on a few factors; that there are no more chips added to the pool, that the starting final table will have a 60 big blind average, that the tournament director's discretion settles on 12,000-24,000 for its first jump and that my grasp on basic numeracy hasn't been completely obliterated by 10 days' stay at Atlantis.

Considering that more chips are coming in (Phil Hellmuth has tweeted that he's buying in tomorrow), that 60 big blind average may be completely off and that, yes, I have lost all faith in numbers. In fact, I swear that I saw a banana priced at $3.75 this morning.

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