PCA 2013: Jeremy Wray wins PCA "Stress Star" contest

British hedge fund manager Jeremy Wray has won himself a stunning Tag Heuer watch and a $215 TCOOP ticket for coming closest to guessing how many Stress Stars filled the giant tank outside the #PCA10 Players Lounge.

There were more than 400 entries to the competition with players going to extreme lengths for their guesses - such as trying to measure the dimensions of the Stress Star and then multiply it by the tank dimensions. One player asked the VIP Club team for a tape measure and another joked that he was going to sneak in during the middle of the night, take out all the stars, count them, and then put them back in again.

NEIL9988_PCA2013_Stress_Star_Competition_Winner_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Guesses ranged from 8 to 1 million Stress Stars but the correct answer was 4,986 - Jeremy Wray was just three over with 4,989. How did he do it? He said: "I realized that these stars would come in bulk - say 5,000 - and I just took a few off that."

The 50-year-old from Berkshire in the UK, who won his trip to the PCA in a $33 rebuy satellite on PokerStars, said: "I came here determined to win a PCA side event - and now I have!"