PCA 2013: Joshua Bergman wins the button and $37,464

Two years ago Joshua Bergman got near the big one here at the PCA but a rivered king courtesy of Bryan Colin's big slick knocked Bergman's queens out in 23rd place for $75,000. Last night Bergman would have put some of those regrets to bed with a trophy in the $1,100 Win the button tournament for a $37,464.

Bergman, who has racked up more than $1.5m in online tournament winnings on PokerStars under the name "JBT449", made a deal heads up with Fraser Swidler and actually ended up with slightly less than second place. He does get the trophy and a lovely winner's photo though, and you can't put a price on that.

PCA 2013 event #14
Date: 9 January
Buy-in: $1,100
Game: NLHE 'Win the button'
Players: 175
Prize pool: $169,750


Joshua Bergman

1. Joshua Bergman, USA, $37,464*
2. Fraser Swidler, Canada, $41,106*
3. Ryan Hughes, Mexico, $16,560
4. Richard Wagner, Canada, $12,400
5. Paul Nunes, UK, $10,180
6. Marcel Jakob, Switzerland, $7,980
7. Marcelo Simoes, Brazil, $6,280
8. Leandro Csome, Argentina, $4,580
9. Jorge Luiz Breda De Jesus, Brazil, $3,560
10. Ondrej Kopecky, Czech Republic, $3,560
11. Andrew Boccia, USA, $3,220
12. Shinya Shimada, Japan, $3,220
13. Richard Milne Snr., UK, $2,880
14. Jeremy Brown, USA, $2,880
15. Elizabeth Bennett-Martin, Canada, $2,540
16. Narinder Khasria, Canada, $2,540
17. Badih Bou-Nahra, Belize, $2,200
18. Pavel Suev, Russian Federation, $2,200
19. Thomas Gabriel, USA, $2,200
20. Carlos Rodriguez, Colombia, $2,200

*Denotes a heads-up deal.

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