PCA 2013: Party time

You simply haven't been to a poker party until you've been to a PokerStars party. This is the 10th running of the PCA, and last night's party to celebrate was fitting of the occasion.

I'm not saying we send cameras to these events to remind people what they might have forgotten, but after you seen these photos and the video, that might be a good assumption on your part.

If you, like us, missed the party due to other obligations last night, here's what you missed.

PARTY, PCA 2013,1096.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1069.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1025.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1080.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1051.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1109.JPG

PARTY, PCA 2013,1054.JPG

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging