PCA 2013: Randy 'nanonoko' Lew plays out the Challenge Team Online

Randy Lew loves a challenge. He's mad for them. Give him a record to break and he'll charge headlong at it smiling. Give him a suitcase to climb into and he'll clamber on into that bad boy risking asphyxiation and crippling social abuse. Last year he took a world record shot at online poker here at the PCA.


Randy 'nanonoko' Lew

Over the last few days Team Online have been running daily heads-up matches in the PCA Players Lounge. Winners would get some merchandise as well as a draw to for today's final and a $215 Sunday Million ticket. Five players today got to sit down with Lew as he multi-tabled five heads-up matches simultaneously. If they beat Lew then they'd pick up a $700 TCOOP ticket but the first to win also got a TAG Heuer watch worth some $1,500. Nice.

Lew was set up in a rotating office chair at the centre of a starfish of a poker tables, quickly spinning, mucking, raising and folding. Possibly not as quick as when he plays online but he was still speeding through the hands.


nanonoko at the centre of the storm

Arvid Larsson: Winner of TAG Heuer watch & $700 TCOOP Main Event ticket
Mina Harand Pour: Winner of $700 TCOOP Main Event ticket
Ramon Jaanipene: Winner of $700 TCOOP Main Event ticket
Nobbi Tanaka: Lost match
Jordan Morgan: Lost match

A special shout out should go to Nobbi Tanaka who not only represented Team Japan in the World Cup of Poker but this morning claimed to have gone spear hunting to pick up some lobsters for this evening's barbeque. That is above and beyond the call of duty.


Nobbi with his catch (just before getting collared by security)

Unfortunately for him karma did not repay his efforts and when he got it in pre-flop Lew ended up making a royal flush. Easy game.


nanonoko's royal flush

Chris Moneymaker followed in nanonoko's footsteps but offered beer bounties instead setting himself a 30 second shot clock and allowed his opponents to choose which game they played.

"Chris, you've got a beer at every table," said someone on the rail.

"Well, I've already won then," said Moneymaker.

Moneymaker's live experience shone through and he won four of the five matches.

Chris won 4 of the 5 matches:
Ramon Jaanipene: Lost beer
Mina Harand Pour: Lost beer
Arvid Larsson: Lost beer
Nobbi Zanelca: Lost beer and $200
Andreas 'houstonsaft' Meyer: Won beer

"It's a Bud Light but it tastes better because the way it was achieved," said Meyer.

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