PCA 2013: Raskin feeling it on way to high roller chip lead

The clear leader in the high roller this afternoon has been Micah Raskin, who stretched out by more than 700,000 ahead of the next guy at one point earlier today. Raskin still lead when the money bubble burst at 24 players. Incidentally, an indication of how this event has grown comes in the fact that only 16 were paid in 2012.

Raskin is certainly an eye catching player. Just four months ago he rocked his way to the final table of EPT Sanremo where, supported by his two brothers, he earned a sixth place finish.

Micah Raskin

As his siblings pointed out in Sanremo, Micah is focused on only one thing in his poker career, a major title. Financially buoyant thanks to a successful career in business; he can play cards without the obligations of payslip reductions or the nine to five. It allows his natural game to flow, for there are few players who play in similar fashion, a strategy sometimes based on "feel" as much as cards.

Raskin famously came close at the NAPT in Los Angeles in 2010, but a bad bluff against Chris De Maci turned his tournament on its head. It proved a pivotal hand. Raskin would crash out in 19th place while De Maci would go on to lose heads-up to eventual winner Joe Tehan.

Since then Raskin has become a player intent on putting the record straight and the next stage of that mission takes place right here.

Raskin remains among the leader heading into the dinner break, alongside Ole Schemion and Vanessa Selbst. If it's all down to "feel" he's proven remarkably perceptive. If it's something else, well, that's working too.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter