PCA 2013: Record-breaking $100,000 Super High Roller field

All around the Imperial Ballroom there are nine-foot high black pillars. On each of these pillars--facing all four points on the compass--are six televisions. Four of those televisions feature Slyde watch advertisements, the massage company's commercial, and occasional disturbing still shots of beating hearts from the PokerStars "We Are Poker" campaign. On the other four televisions are tournament clocks for the $100,000 Super High Roller.

Each of these tournament clocks has a lot of information on it: the blinds, the level number, and the average stack size. The most interesting numbers as we stare at the last level of the night are the entries and buy-ins.

Moments ago, PokerStars' Garry Gates stepped over to tell us that 47 total players have bought in to today's big event making it the biggest-ever $100,000 tournament field. Prior to today, the record was 38.

NEIL4824_EPT9PRA_SHR_Neil Stoddart.jpg

What's more, we can't forget this is a re-entry tournament, and if you have been following along on our $100,000 Super High Roller live coverage you know that seven people have bought back in. As it stands right now, after tournament fees the prize pool is $5,292,000 very close to the all-time record prize pool. That one was recorded in last year's EPT Monaco Grand Final, a pool worth €4,432,500. At today's exchange rate, the 2013 PCA Super High Roller prize pool is currently worth €4,049,173 (or, as crack researcher Rick Dacey points out, 466,893,113 Nepalese Rupees).

But, get this...registration is still open. Ant any point between now and noon Sunday, anybody can buy in. Moreover, anybody who busts out can buy back in. Before it's all said and done, this could be the richest $100,000 tournament in history.

But, that's putting the cart before the horse. With 20 minutes left to play in the night, the 42 remaining players are less concerned about records and more concerned about finishing the night with a good stack. And if that doesn't work? Well, the cage is open for another 14 hours.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging