PCA 2013: Steven Tripp tops the $2k turbo

There are a lot of tournaments here at the PCA. Forty-one if you count them. Some of these side events are big and chunky, like the $2,150 turbo which took place yesterday. Almost half-a-million went into that prize pool allowing for a large four-way chop which saw Steven Tripp, Nikolaus Teichert, Narendra Banwari and David 'Chino' Rheem set aside $67,500 for fourth through to second and $79,960 for the winner. That champ was Steven Tripp who came out on top of a tough turbo field.

Players that ran deep included Dan O'Brien (6th, $21,380), PokerStars Team Online's Isaac Haxton (11th, $8,080), Terrence Chan (12th, $8,080), Pierre Neuville, a Friend of PokerStars, no less (15th, $6,180) and last year's PCA battering ram Chris Oliver (21st, $4,760).

PCA 2013 event #17
Date: 9 January
Buy-in: $2,150
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 245
Prize pool: $475,300


Steven Tripp

1. Steven Tripp, Canada, $79,960*
2. Nikolaus Teichert, Germany, $67,500*
3. Narendra Banwari, USA, $67,500*
4. David Rheem, USA, $67,500*
5. Dana Karlson, Canada, $26,140
6. Dan O'Brien, USA, $21,380
7. Mayu Roca, Colombia, $16,640
8. Kyle Frey, USA, $11,880
9. Daniel Schmieding, USA, $9,500
10. Pavel Veksler, Israel, $9,500
11. Isaac Haxton, USA, PokerStars Team Online, $8,080
12. Terrence Chan, Canada, $8,080
13. Reinaldo Abramovay, Brazil, $7,120
14. Michael McNeil, USA, $7,120
15. Pierre Neuville, Belgium, Friend of PokerStars, $6,180
16. Stephen Bokor, USA, $6,180
17. Mike Wywrot, Canada, $5,220
18. Ariel Mantel, Argentina, $5,220
19. Christian Harder, USA, $5,220
20. Matthew Wierzel, USA, $5,220
21. Chris Oliver, Costa Rica, $4,760
22. Richard Geyer, USA, $4,760
23. Heikki Piira, Finland, $4,760
24. William Pilossoph, USA, $4,760
25. Alexandr Komarov, Russian Federation, $4,280
26. Anton Astapau, Belarus, $4,280
27. Jason James, Canada, $4,280
28. Bulat Bikmetov, Russian Federation, $4,280

*Denotes a deal was made

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