PCA 2013: Talking mixed games with Barry Greenstein and Vanessa Selbst

This morning the second of four Q & A sessions took place in the Zoom lounge at Atlantis, featuring Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein and Vanessa Selbst.

The pair, who between them have five World Series bracelets and six major titles, engaged in a fascinating discussion, drawing on Greenstein's experience of the poker world over the past decades, and Selbst analysis as one of the most talented and successful players of her generation.

Selbst and Greenstein

Hosted by PokerStars' Lee Jones, the packed lounge listened to them discuss mixed games, their relevance in today's poker world and the benefits of learning different variations of the game other than God's own card game no-limit Texas hold'em.

While those watching drank coffee and helped themselves to donuts, the players answered insightful questions about the benefits of playing new games at low stakes, the benefits of having a broad repertoire of skills, and the usefulness of the internet when it comes to improving your game.

Vanessa Selbst

Perhaps most interesting were the stories about both players' own experiences; Selbst as an inquisitive pro intent on learning everything she can, and Greenstein talking of how the game used to work compared to how it works now.

Like the discussion yesterday it made for a great half hour and left a long queue of people wanting autographs at the close.

At one point Selbst touched on the new craze of Open-Face Chinese poker, a new game that the top pros are adding to their repertoire, insisting that she had developed a new variation, essentially adding a second deck so that eight players can play. "It's the future of open-face," joked Selbst. Greenstein agreed: "I saw it on Star Trek."

Barry Greenstein

Jones cut her off before she could explain much more, specifically because that will be the role of Jason Mercier and Sean Deeb at tomorrow's seminar. They'll be discussing Open Face Chinese as two of the game's most vocal enthusiasts.

It starts at 11am, is free to attend and is a must for any poker player in town.

And did we mention the free coffee?

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter