PCA 2013: The bubble bursts in the PCA High Roller

"Good luck, everybody," said Nicholas Petrangelo.

In these High Rollers you may have just bubbled for $54,980 but you're simply not allowed to show any anguish or distress. You are meant to be a high roller after all. Petrangelo had got it in with pocket nines from under-the-gun and Shawn Buchanan had found jacks in the big blind. He rivered trip jacks for good measure.


Nicholas Petrangelo

Petrangelo stood, turned and walked out of the roped off High Roller area of the tournament floor, past a cameraman and a member of the floor staff. A bubble like that is going to hurt but at least Petrangelo has plenty of other tournament success to fall back on. In December just passed he won the PokerStars Sunday Million for $209,354.49. That is just a chunk of the $2,532,459 that he's won in tournaments on PokerStars.

In a smaller tournament, you know, maybe 'just' a $5,000 buy-in, most of these players wouldn't be seen dead getting out of their chair around the bubble to see what's going on. Here, among their peers, the rules change. Vanessa Selbst and Mickey Petersen were both up an out of their chair rubbernecking to look at other players stacks. Max Silver, a UKIPT champ and prodigious tournament piece-buyer, was also looking somewhat anxious to see someone go. Considering he had lost all-in pre-flop with aces to Christian Harder's ace-king not long ago for an average stack-sized pot he can certainly be forgiven for just wanting the cash to get locked up. He bust out shortly after.


Max Silver

Brandon Meyers was the first to depart in the money (24th), Jeff Gross (23rd) and Max Silver (22nd) all banked $54,980.

The redraw for the final 24 was:

Table one
1 Brandon Meyers
2 Shaun Deeb
3 Mike Watson
4 Michael Telker
5 Shawn Buchanan
6 Christian Harder
7 Max Silver
8 Sam Stein

Table two
1 Vladimir Troyanovsky
2 Bryn Kenney
3 Joey Weissman
4 Matt Stout
5 Tobias Reinkemeier
6 Rachid Ben Cherif
7 Vanessa Selbst
8 Nick Schulman

Table three
1 Micah Raskin
2 Ole Schemion
3 Mickey Petersen
4 Ty Reiman
5 Jeff Gross
6 Chris Klodnicki
7 Brandon Steven
8 Martin Finger

You can follow the live coverage of the High Roller by clicking here.

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